Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Vuv You Mommy, So Nuch!

Nope, it's not a typo - these have become the sweetest words to my ears. Ruthi has been coming up to me grabbing me and giving me a huge hug while saying "Vuv you Mommy, sooo nuch!" What could be sweeter? She can say the 'm' in most words, but it comes out sounding like 'n' in 'much', and I think that just makes it even cuter. And of course she says it to her Daddy too. It is very random, you never know when she's going to do it, but I got Chip to take a picture of her giving me one of her famous hugs. This girl can HUG!

Nana bought this precious little dress for her, and I knew her black boots would go perfectly. Unfortunately we haven't been very good at getting to church lately, so she had not gotten to wear it yet. We finally got ourselves in gear and went this past Sunday, and she looked stinkin' cute! (But as you can tell, she was getting tired of the headband and had been fiddling with it, so her hair is a bit of a mess!)


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