Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm now being called "Gammy"

My daughter's wish came true on Thursday.

As we walked through the door on Thursday afternoon, she proudly and excitedly exclaimed, "I can't believe I'm a mom!"

She is now the proud mother of a precious little bunny, affectionately named Timbo. (I'll get to the name shortly.)

She's been wanting a "pet of her own" for quite some time now. She talked about getting a fish, but knew that wouldn't be satisfying enough since she couldn't take it out and pet it! We can't have a dog or cat due to Daddy's allergies. So we started talking about a possibilities of something from the rodent family.

I quickly steered us away from a hamster...I was afraid she'd end up smooshing it! So we considered a guinea pig or a rabbit. In the end we decided on a rabbit. Chip and I had a rabbit our first year of marriage and we LOVED that thing. He was totally spoiled, never slept in a cage...he ran free in the house. He would jump into our laps like a cat and would even sleep with us. We knew it would be fun to have a rabbit in the house again.

We've been talking about this for a LONG time, and finally decided the time was right. And it just so happened, a friend of ours had some baby bunnies ready for new homes!

So Thursday morning, Ruthi and I set out to pick out a bunny. They were all so cute, so it was hard for her to make a decision. But she finally settled on a precious black bunny, with the tiniest spot of white on his nose, and just a little bit of white on a couple of his paws.

Meet my Grandbunny:

I don't think there's ever been a more loved bunny! The first day was a little difficult for Ruthi, however. After we chose this rabbit, we headed over to my parent's house to pick up a cage my Mom is letting us use. While we were there, we found a little basket that was perfect for Ruthi to carry her baby in. Then we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up some food and supplies. It was too hot to leave baby bunny in the car, so the basket was perfect for carrying him inside Wal-Mart. It had a little flip lid so she could reach in and pet him.

Before we headed home, I called Chip to see where he was. He was right down the road at our friend's salon doing some work for her. So we detoured over there to say hi and introduce him to his grandbunny!

While there, we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to get my hair colored. So Ruthi and I ran quickly to grab some lunch, then went right back to the salon. A couple of hours later, we were finally on our way home.

When we got home and let Timbo out of his basket, he ran under the cabinet and hid. It was hard for Ruthi to understand he needed time to adjust to his new surroundings...that he'd just been pulled from everything he'd ever known in his short little life. She was SO afraid her new bunny wouldn't love her!

I was finally able to convince her to wait patiently for him to come out. Before she knew it, he came out and crawled right into her lap. She couldn't have been happier! And the days since then, she holds and loves on this little guy EVERY SECOND POSSIBLE! I have to tell her to put him down so he can run around for a bit.

He has adjusted quite nicely. He seems to really enjoy running around. He's very friendly and loving. He doesn't love being in his cage at night, but I don't want him chewing things he shouldn't. Therefore, he has to stay in there at night and when we aren't home to supervise him.

OK - his name. Ruthi tossed around a few names, and thought she had settled on Shadow. But then CJ brought something to her memory. From the time she was 2 or 3, she's loved watching the movie Beethoven. When she was younger, she couldn't pronounce Beethoven, and for some reason called him Timbo instead. We've always thought it was adorable, and CJ told her a long time ago that if she ever had a pet, she needed to name it Timbo. So that's how he got his name.

Now, we aren't 100% certain that it's a boy just yet, so the decision has been made, that if Timbo turns out to be a girl, the spelling of the name will change to Timbow...because a girl needs a "bow" at the end! (That was Chip's brilliant suggestion!)

Wow...this post has turned out much longer than I anticipated! So, I'll end it there and just leave you with a few more pictures.


  1. aww, i love his little white paws.

  2. That bunny is tooooo cute!

    Happy blogoversary :)


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