Monday, September 25, 2006

Girl's Weekend

So pretty!

Ruthi and I left the "boys" behind and took off for the weekend. I had one cousin getting married on Saturday, and another cousin having a baby shower for their newly adopted baby girl on Sunday. So we made the almost 2 hour drive to the wedding. It was a very sweet wedding and I'm so glad we could go even though it was outside with 84% humidity - we were QUITE warm and sticky! But as the sun went down, it cooled off, and we had such a great time. I got to see cousins that I don't get to see very often.
My mom came too, and we stayed at my aunt's house for the night. On Sunday morning, she went to pick up biscuits for us for breakfast. We hung out for a bit before getting ready for the baby shower. Ruthi had a grand time going up and down my aunt's stairs as many times as she could. She's just figuring them out and getting quite brave going up and down with no help. Makes for a very nervous mommy since she still loses her balance on them!
My cousin Matt came over to visit for a while before we had to go, and it was so good to see him. Ruthi was giving out lots of hugs and kisses.

Then off to the baby shower - it was wonderful. Ruthi was loving the food and made herself right at home. She got to meet her new cousin, Hope. I guess she thought she was a doll though, since she was so tiny and I had to pull her away before she rolled poor baby Hope over like a rag doll. She wanted to play with her so bad and I guess she just didn't understand that this was a REAL baby!!

Meeting Hope

The Happy Family....My cousin Kevin, his wife Tanner, and baby Hope

Then we made the journey home. Ruthi was tuckered out and was asleep before we had been on the road for 5 minutes. Which made my drive nice and unstressful! Nothing like a fussy little one while I'm driving! It was a great weekend getting to see family I don't get to see as often as I'd like!

Friday, September 22, 2006

GO JACKETS!!!! VICTORY!!! 24-7!!!

What a day! And what a great time. Due to some things that came up, we didn't go to the Aquarium, but that's ok - we'll go another day when we have more time. We did have lunch at the Varsity - YUM! Then off to Wreckfest before the game. We got there early, so there weren't many people there yet. And Ruthi was the center of attention. The DJ guy was calling her the energizer bunny because she ran all over that place non stop! She even made friends with 3 people who were there hanging out "stealing" the girl's balloon animal. They were cracking up, getting Ruthi to "give them 5" and taking pictures of her. She was "crowned" the youngest cheerleader. And CJ was declared "King" for kicking a soccer ball into a goal. They had some fun things to do. Ruthi sat perfectly still in Daddy's lap to get her face painted. And when choosing souvenirs, she had to have 2, not just one!
Unfortunately we missed the player and band walk by just minutes, so my jersey didn't get signed. But a few of the guys (I guess they were cheerleaders?) graciously stopped for a photo op with a certain little cutie.
I ended up very disappointed, because I couldn't take my camera into the stadium. I didn't know the rule (obviously I haven't been to many sporting events!) about no video cameras. And since my digital camera is also a video camera, even though I showed them there was no disc in it, they wouldn't budge. I think they even felt a little bad. So, sadly, no pictures "from the inside". But I got as many as I could before hand. We had a great time and best of all, WE WON!!!
Chip borrowed the card from the camera today, so I can't download my pictures since they are on the card. But he did email me a few, so I could post them. I'm sure there are some others that are too cute, so maybe I'll get them on here later.

CJ is "King"

Ruthi's painted face.....
And all tuckered out....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I think we're ready for some football...

Now anyone who knows me knows I'm not really into football (or any sport for that matter!) But Chip is a HUGE sports fan. And now that football season is here, our Sunday's are spent with a game on. (Not to mention any other given night of the week where there's a good game). But I do support him as much as possible and I route for his favorite team - Georgia Tech.
So, tomorrow night (actually tonight since it's technically Thursday already) we are all going to a GT game. Chip and CJ have been going to at least 1 game a year, but this will be my first. And we are ready! Ruthi has a GT cheerleading outfit that she will look so cute in! And we all have GT clothing to wear. I have a Calvin Johnson jersey I will be wearing. We plan to arrive early for the before game festivities (Wreck-Fest I think?) and Chip is hoping I can get that jersey signed. We actually decided to make a day of it and go to the Aquarium first and have lunch at the Varsity. I am actually quite excited, and Ruthi is too, though she really doesn't know why. We've had her running around saying "rah-rah" and "yeyow zatats" (Yellow Jackets). So on Friday I'll have some cute pictures to post. GO JACKETS!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Let's give this a whirl!

This should be fun...we'll see! I've always been horrible at writing things down, always saying to myself, "I need to write that down before I forget", and then I don't. Or I do, and then misplace what I wrote, because how hard is it to just write it all in one place? Whatever!
When I was pregnant with Ruthi, I kept an online journal. It was a lot of fun and was a tremendous help to me in documenting the details. And I find myself much more willing to type than write. I did pretty good the first year of her life writing things she did on the calendar. But then I fell back into my old ways. So I thought I'd give this a shot and maybe get back on track with myself and hopefully have a little fun in the process. And for family and friends who are interested, you can keep up too!
Our life is quite normal, and not that exciting, but I do want to be able to remember things so I can scrapbook them when I have the time so our children and grandchildren will be able to look back on it when we are gone or just too old to remember!

Now let's see how well I can keep up with this thing! Oh, I already know it won't be every day!

And there's nothing exciting going on today. My car is getting new tires, as we had a flat yesterday leaving the mall. Of course, it didn't happen until after we got on the busy highway instead of conveniently in the mall parking lot. So the kids and I are sitting on the side of the road patiently waiting. A nice gentleman stopped behind us to help block traffic and proceeded to help Chip change the tire.

Then we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for some pizza and fun. Ruthi seemed to think that since she had been there before, everything was now hers! She'd fuss if a kid was on something she wanted on.

And in the little climb/play/slide area, she'd take off as fast as she could go to the slide if another kid came in, as if to claim it hers! She even gave a little girl a push down the slide because she was in her way. Oh my, what are we going to do with her? But she did have
a great time, and so did we,in spite of all the noise!

These pictures are not from last night, but from our first visit. I forgot my camera last night.

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