Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Randomness & a Tag

I really am trying to be a better blogger, as I'm easing back into a "regular" schedule around here. I don't have any pictures with this post, but I will on the next one.

Jan tagged me...I will get to that at the end of this post.

We finished up a whole week of school and are on day two of week two. Things are going pretty well. I believe this has been the best start of a year CJ has had. There have only been a couple of "bumps" so far, and I'm hoping we don't have many more. He has found that he likes to get up early to do school for now. Yesterday he woke up late and got a late start. He was not very happy about it. So he was back up early again today.

I will be starting preschool with Ruthi after Labor Day, and she is very much looking forward to it. I just have to make myself leave the house one day this week so I can go pick up her curriculum from Aunt Edna! My cousin Robin is letting me use what she used for her boys, but she lives over an hour away. So she managed to get it to my side of town, and I just need to go get it.

I WON'T be leaving the house today, however. I had thought today would be a good day, but it is raining cats and dogs, and I don't feel like driving through any poodles!

I'm so thankful for all the rain we are getting, as we desperately need it. But I really don't care to get out in it unless it is completely necessary. Some people get stupid driving in the rain, and I don't want to be around any of them. Not to mention, it's a hassle getting Ruthi in and out of the car as I'm getting soaked! (Even with an umbrella, I manage to get soaked!)

I'm very frustrated at the moment. For some reason, I can't get a connection on my laptop. It's telling me no connection or hot spots are available. That makes no sense, because I can connect from the desktop. So I know there is a signal. I just can't figure out why my laptop can't find it!

So I will fall behind on blog reading, because this computer is slow, and I don't want to spend all day on here trying to read what I can read in a fraction of the time on my laptop. Sigh.

I'm so glad last week is over. It was a very long week. Not only was it our first week of school, but we were gone every night last week, except Monday. We had church on Wednesday, and we had Upward Basketball/Cheerleading registration/evaluations the other nights. Hubby is the league director at our church, and I help him as much as I can. So we were busy with that. Our season runs early due to the school using the gym during regular basketball season. So our season starts in a couple of weeks.

We have another day of registration/evaluations on Saturday, and then we should be good to go. I finished entering all the forms into the system last night, and am SO glad that is done! Well, I'll have more after Saturday, but not as many. At least I didn't need an internet connection for that!

And now for the tag...I receive an "I Love Your Blog" tag from Jan.

The rules:

I have to pick 7 of my favorite blogs and…

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the ones you’ve nominated.

I have to say...this is difficult...there are MANY blogs I love and I don't want to leave anyone out. That said, here are my 7 nominations, (in alphabetical order by blog name - except the last one!):

1. Karen at Growing in Grace. Karen is a wonderful mother to 5 beautiful children. She is an incredible writer who always inspires me and makes me think!

2. Christy at Love Generously, Praise Loudly. Christy is a fellow firefighter wife, and even though she lives on the other side of the country, I feel count her my friend. I really enjoy talking to her on the phone (when we get the chance) and if I'm ever in California, I'm totally crashing her place for some girl chat and scrapbooking!

3. Kirstin at Loving Life. I don't know how Kirstin does all that she does. She homeschools her two daughters on top of building a new house and being extremely active in her church. She makes me tired just reading all she does! And she posts some incredible recipes, several of which I've tried and loved!

4. Debi at Nothing of Importance. Although I think the title of her blog is not fitting, as you can tell how important her family who she blogs about are to her! Debi was probably one of my very first "blogging buddies" and I love to hear about what's going on with her family. She's also an avid reader and does lots of book reviews. She's kind of my book-reading hero, as I USED to read as much as she does, but never seem to put the time aside for it anymore. Maybe one day I'll get back into it and join some of the many reading challenges she joins!

5. Lori at Queen of Dirty Laundry. Lori has been about as sporadic with posting this summer as I have. And that's completely understandable as she stays quite busy with her 3 beautiful girls. She is incredibly funny and her girls are a riot. She posts the conversations that go on her house and I always end up rolling in laughter. And I love that Lori is real and down-to-earth. It seems we think alike on so many things and we always get a kick out of that. I think we'd be great friends IRL!

6. Stacey at The Truest Thing. Stacey is one of the sweetest bloggers I "know". True, I don't know her personally, but I can tell she is kind and gentle and the sort of person you just want to hang out with. Her love for God and her family is evident and I love reading what's going on in her life.

OK, there are many other blogs I could list, but on this last one I'm totally cheating:
7. Jan at Making Scrapbooks. Yes, I know she is the one who tagged me, but I really do love her blog! I "know" Jan from way back when I was selling SIAS...I joined her team. And them moved to TLC under her as well. (Even though I didn't end up doing much with either!) When I found out she had a blog, I started reading immediately. She is an amazing scrapbooker and homeschools her 3 children. She's another mom who makes me tired reading about everything she does. I haven't met Jan yet, (only talked on the phone a couple of times) but I intend to soon since she lives not too terribly far from me! And I'm looking forward to it! So, Tag Back Jan! LOL!

Whew - I'm done! I didn't intend to get so lengthy in my "descriptions", but, well, if you know me at all, you know brevity is not my strength!

That's all for now!


  1. THank you Jennifer for the cute award and tag and super sweet comment...I'll follow directions and do this later or tomorrow (C:

    By the way, I got notice that all our books are on the way...I think I was mor excited than the girls. Lots of boxes to look forward to (C:

  2. I meant to tell you too, that I do not like going in the rain either. Especially when my girls were little and I'd always end up with a wet behind from leaning into the car to get them taken care of.

    Loved the "didn't want to run over any poodles".

    Glad school is going good as well.

    When my girls were in preschool I used a lot of Jumpstart and reader rabbit computer programs and got them big workbooks from Costco.

    I'm off to tackle the "tag".

  3. Thanks for participating!!! I can't wait to finally meet you in person too!!! : )

  4. well, i guess i got you fooled! ha ha! thanks girl! i will take the honor and look forward to passing it along as well!

  5. Well aren't you just the sweetest bloggy friend ever! You've made my week.

    You're right, I have been sporadic. I'm feeling more bloggally motivated lately, so hopefully the sporadicism was seasonal.

    Like how I'm just making up words? I'm done.

  6. HEY THERE! Thanks for tagging me...you are so sweet! What an honor! I will get going on this next week...hugs my friend!

  7. I hope preschool starts off well - I bet you both will have a lot of fun!

  8. Oh Jennifer, you put the biggest smile on my face this morning!!! Thank you! Hope you know how much I love your blog, too! Your sweet, loving personality shines through every post you write!

    Glad to hear CJ's year has started off so smoothly! The first few weeks of a new year always seem to be the hardest, don't they? Annie and I decided to go year-round this school year, so we started July 1st. But I don't think I like it, and probably won't do that next year. It's just been so hard keeping on track with so much else going on. Anyway, I hope you and Ruthi have fun with preschool!


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