Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday #3

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It's my 3rd Tackle it Tuesday! And I'm having a slightly difficult time getting motivated to tackle anything.
My son has been building a fort/clubhouse structure for quite sometime now. He keeps changing the plans and has even completely taken everything apart and started over. I tried to get some pictures yesterday, but it was already getting too dark, and they didn't turn out very well - I'll try to get out there today and get some. Anyway, he wanted Dad to take him to Home Depot last night and get some more materials. However, Dad was VERY tired, as he had not gotten much sleep the night before at the station. So, he said to him, "Why don't you get all tomorrow's school work done tonight so we can go in the morning, and then you'll have all day to work on it." CJ liked that idea. So that's exactly what he did. He completed all his assignments by 10 pm (only an hour after 'regular' bedtime) that he could do on his own. That left some reading comprehension questions that we do together, and writing a rough draft of a poem in which he would need some instruction. He got up this morning and we completed those before breakfast. So basically, he has the day off now. Does that mean I have the day off too? Not likely, and I sure could use it as I could NOT fall asleep last night and I am dragging today! Hmmmm... Wednesday's are my day "off", maybe I could switch it to Tuesday this week? No, there's just too much to do, but I am getting a late start. It's a little after 10 am and I'm just now having my second cup of coffee. I'll kick in gear pretty soon.

Now, onto my tackle. I had ambitions of a bigger tackles today, but in my sluggishness, I think I'll stick to something smaller. Aside from a little laundry that needs to be completed, I need to investigate my refrigerator. For some reason, it has an overwhelming odor of.....mayonnaise!!! I'm guessing there may be some attached to something it shouldn't be, and I need to find it, because every time the door opens and closes, I get very nauseated. I love mayonnaise, but I can't stand this smell - it does NOT smell fresh from the jar!!! (I can't BELIEVE I just shared that!)

And my true tackle today will be my daughter's room. Although this is a regular tackle - at least twice a week. She loves to bring all her toys into the living room, and most of the time they all get tossed into a basket or something and shoved back in there. So I need to put everything away. It's a bet of a mess, mind you, not NEARLY as bad as it could be, so it won't take me very long.

Here are the before's of her room. I'll post the after's this evening.

OK - update! I cleaned out the fridge. I did find an unidentified spill in the back, but I'm not completely convinced that's the culprit of the odor. I pulled EVERYTHING out and cleaned everything off, and the odor remains for now. I've added a container of baking soda, so hopefully that will absorb it. I just can't figure out what it is - and it's not like it's been there for a long time or anything. What a mystery!

As for Ruthi's room, it's all back in order - for now! I do need to tackle her closet still (the shelf at the top mostly), but I'll save that for another day. Here are the after pics.

And now looking at these pictures, I'm seeing what a very near in the future tackle needs to be - finish painting in here (the door, the table and the side hubby attached to the bed). And, I need to gently persuade him to trim out the window (we replaced the windows a little while back) so I can paint and get a blind and the pretty valance I bought put up, and get that stupid blanket off the window!! Oh well....another day.

CJ spent most of the day building on his clubhouse (or whatever he's calling it!) and I did get some pictures, but I'll put those in another post later. Right now, I'm going to watch American Idol!


  1. :) hey this look like my kids rooms. ONLY cleaner LOL.. I would be afraid to take a pic of the mess my kids have made in there rooms.
    My middle two keep bugging me to get them a dog, so I made a deal with them that if they can keep there rooms clean between Easter and Christmas we would get them a dog for christmas, so my 7 year old and 5 year old are working at getting there rooms cleaned before easter.. It really honestly might take them till eater to get though the mess they have in there LOL.
    I think I"m safe though with having to get them a dog there is no way they will have there rooms clean every night before they go to bed for that long.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the support. Good luck on your tackle!

  3. Good luck on your tackle today. I think I'll do my fridge tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement on mine I've got them all done now and with pics!

  4. Jennifer, hey, nice to meet you. I just checked out your crafting blog. You've got some great stuff on there and are very talented! I enjoyed looking at everything.

    I also checked out all your posts on this page. Looks like you have a great family and an interesting blog (and your shoes are just my style!) I am glad you stopped by today.

  5. Nice work on the bedroom! How do you like the three shelf unit with the rubbermaid boxes? I've thought about getting one of those for my daughter.

    Isn't it great being able to let the kids adjust their schedule and do something different that they're wanting to try?!

  6. My sons would love to see some pics of the clubhouse-in-the-making; we don't have any trees in our yard and they *so* want a clubhouse/treehouse.

    The room looks fantastic; all pink and pretty... makes me want a little girl, lol. :)


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