Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mommy's Little Helper

This morning I was cleaning the fronts of my cabinets in the kitchen, and Ruthi was wanting to help too. She said "FooFoo keen, keen too!" (Foo Foo is her way to say Ruthi, although sometimes she does say Foofie). So I handed her a dishcloth and told her she could go clean her kitchen - so she did. Of course I had to stop long enough to run snap some pictures!

But she wasn't TOTALLY satisfied until she helped in "mommy's" kitchen too!


  1. LOL How cute! What does she charge? You think she'd wipe my cabinets off for some bunny grahams? ;)

  2. LOL! She just might! Actually, she'd probably do it for free right now - she still thinks it's fun!


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