Friday, March 30, 2007

God Made Dirt

Remember that saying from when you were a kid? "God made dirt, dirt won't hurt, put it in your mouth, and let it work." In spite of the fact that my precious little angel has never heard that saying, and even if she had, wouldn't really know what it meant, I guess she decided on her own that a little dirt can't hurt...or even a LOT.

CJ had her outside playing. This was after the digging of the garden patch had begun. I heard, "Mom, you need to come look at Ruthi. She's going to need a bath." So I stepped out, and this is what I saw:

She was having a blast digging in that freshly dug earth. And she had dirt EVERYWHERE - all down her shirt, and yes, all in her diaper!
I went back inside and carried on with whatever I was doing.
A few minutes later I heard, "You're not supposed to eat it!"

Oh yes.

She couldn't resist the urge. And she didn't take a little girlie taste. Oh no. She was brave and decided she needed a giant bite. Her mouth was FULL of dirt. Yum!

CJ was taking her to get her cup. She was trying to wipe the dirt out of her mouth. She was slobbering. Slobber + dirt = mud. So she has this wad of mud in her mouth. She grabs her cup and starts drinking...washing the dirt down...not out. Oh well, God made dirt, right?

Maybe I'm a bad mom for not immediately rinsing that mud out of her mouth, but how would I ever be able to convince her - when her own children are eating mud - that she did it too, if I didn't have proof? So she obliged me and allowed me to take a couple pictures. You can't really see the pile of dirt on her tongue, I was really trying to capture it. But, I'm not a horrible mom. I figured two shots were plenty so I could help her clean her mouth. I have enough evidence!

Thankfully, soap was invented for just these kinds of situations! And she LOVES to take baths. So she enjoyed a nice long bath, and she cleaned up quite well. So I thought I'd share this final photo to show she really is a precious little angel...when she's sleeping!


  1. How cute is that! Played in the dirt til she passed out huh?

  2. Oh what cute photos!!!!! She had a great time, it's easy to tell!!

  3. What cute photos and what a sweet blog you have!

    I linked here from splatdesigns. Make sure to stop by that site today if you haven't already! :)

  4. Isn't she just the cutest?!! Not sure I could pick a favorite sweet and angelic sleeping and so stinkin' adorable with the face full of dirt!


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