Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday - 2

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is my second week participating. I think I like this! It gives me a little extra motivation to do something that I may have been putting off.
This week it was laundry related for me. Laundry is definitely not my favorite thing to do, and the most dreaded part is putting it away! I don't know why, but I can wash, dry, fold and hang, and then I sometimes stop right there! I had hanging clothes and two baskets of stuff waiting to be put away, so that's what I did. Maybe not a big tackle, but I did it and it's done - along with 2 additional loads completed and put away.
Here are a couple before shots.

And here's an after.

(Looks like that area needs to be tackled soon too - trim back on door and new paint job!)
I also tackled my son's bathroom today - a good deep cleaning was in order! But I didn't take any pictures there.


  1. Great Job!! This is my first week doing the Tackle It Tuesday "challenge". I love it. I can't wait to figure out what to post on there next week. Look me up, I am #33 on the list.

  2. Great job! Putting them away is my worst, too. I fold them when they come out of the dryer but I'll spend all week, sometimes, just picking clothes out for the day from the top of the dryer.
    Thanks for visiting my Tackle.

    ~ Christina
    HsKubes' Haven at Home

  3. Whooooo hoooooo! Great job.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    So far, my son is still a ham and LOVES getting his picture taken. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't change in a couple of years. :-)

  4. That is great! I will go through a weeks worth of laundry (6 children) and have a big ol basket of my clothes and the baby's clothes ready to put away, I really need to work on putting it away right away so I only have a couple of things to put away, huh? lol :O)

    Anyway great job! Look forward to seeing more tackles!


  5. Laundry can get the best of me too! Great job on both of your tackles.

  6. Great job on the Tackle! I am the same way with laundry. All of our laundry baskets will be filled with folded clothes and I run out of places to put more completed laundry. I'm making an effort to improve on that and trying to put it away right after I fold it :) Have a wonderful week!!

  7. LOOKS GREAT! isn't it the best feeling to look into an EMPTY laundry basket. :) way 2 go!

  8. This was my second week too. You did a great job. =) I tend to leave clothes hanging about the washer too. I need to put that on my list to tackle.

  9. Hi Jennifer

    you did a great job.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and trust me - the handbag situation was very, very bad.

    BTW, I loved your pregnant bump pictures - they are gorgeous!

    Have a great week.

    Marcia http://organisingtips.blogspot.com

  10. Hey - you and I had the same "Tackle" this week - I SOOOO understand the whole wash, dry, fold/hang - STOP thing...that is me to a "T".

    Great job!! =)

  11. Such a good job! :)
    I just have a little laundry closet...and it is Mt. Washmore right now! ;) Your "before" looks better than I think my "after" would look! LOL


  12. Wow, come on over and help me!! LOL!


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