Thursday, January 10, 2013

Order for 2013

Aaachoo!!! Wow...there's a lot of dust on this ol' blog! Goodness...only 10 posts in 2012 and even less than that in 2011! To think I was ever actually a blogger. Sigh.

Oh well. This year probably won't be much different, but you never can tell!

I thought I'd come here and "put in writing" what my word for the year does like I usually do in January.

This year's word is...ORDER.

I seem to constantly find myself overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with what needs to be done.  Overwhelmed with stuff. Even just overwhelmed with life in general sometimes.

As I looked around recently, I felt out of control. I had stuff everywhere! And though some of it may be junk that doesn't need to be here, the rest of it is stuff I use (or want to use) but it was all swallowing my up due to lack of space and organization!

So I began to take action and have already made LOTS of changes. I won't go into those details right now, because that's a whole different post, and this one is supposed to be focusing on my word! But MAYBE that will be my next post?!

Anyway, I finally began feeling a little bit of a sense of order. And it felt SO good. I knew that I wanted to keep going in that direction.

So I've been plugging away, as time allows, to get EVERYTHING in my house in order! I have to do it a little at a time, because even in getting things in order, I get overwhelmed! I try not to think about what still needs to be done, but my mind just spins and spins and I have a dozen or more projects in my head all at once!

But I'll get there.

My prayer is that once everything is in order,  I can be much more productive, less overwhelmed, and over all happier!'s to ORDER in 2013!

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