Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feels like Spring!

I can't believe the incredibly beautiful weather we are having. I still feel like I'm mourning for the winter though, as I was SO hoping for some snow! But we are enjoying these wonderful springy days. We reached 78 today, and I almost uttered the words, "It's hot!" but caught myself, knowing that there are many hot days ahead, and I will soon look back and long for a day like today! It was so warm that I put on a cute little skort on Ruthi, and I must say, she looks adorable. I love seeing her chunky little legs (though she is losing her baby fat, and it is a bit sad to me!) Here are a couple pictures of her from today.(You can click on them to see them larger.)

Isn't this picture sweet? It's naptime!

And look at what Chip did to my baby boy while Ruthi and I went for a walk night before last. For the record, this did not make for a happy mom! I knew CJ wanted this cut, but he was SUPPOSED to wait until after Easter to get it! I wanted him to have hair until then. This is what happens when you leave boys unattended!

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  1. How sweet daddy and daughter napping together! I love those moments :)


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