Monday, March 12, 2007

So much for that!

Remember the pictures where I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets? Well, this picture no longer looks like that! My *Darling Daughter* just found the newly cleaned out drawer irresistable and *had* to pull everything out and play with it. She usually plays in the cabinet with all the storage containers, but found this much more fascinating. So much so that she put everything into a laundry basket and carted it around the house. And as you can tell, she seems quite proud of herself.

So now she has tossed everything back into the drawer (many times) and it looks all messy again. At least she's cute - so she gets away with it. Really, I don't mind - she's only going to be little once, and she's not hurting anything! The good thing is, at least I know there aren't a bunch of things in there we don't use anymore.


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