Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, I had about 3 really good days in a row. Very little/almost no headache, and felt better each day. Then yesterday afternoon my head started hurting again - Bad enough that I had to take something. But my upper back/shoulders are hurting too, so I'm sure I need an adjustment. And hopefully that will take care of it.

I didn't get to go walk this morning. CJ has Science class on Fridays, and the only way I could walk with my neighbor was if she wanted to walk earlier. She told me that if she wasn't here by 8:30 to go without her.

So I was ready.

She didn't come.

I would have gone anyway, but my head was still hurting pretty bad. I would have gone in spite of it if she had shown up. But I wasn't up for it otherwise.

So, I took care of a few things at home until it was time for CJ's class.

When I picked him up, we decided to keep our eyes open for yard sales. We had stopped at one last Friday and I spent $6 for 12 clothing items for Ruthi. Not bad!

Today we hit one and I spent $20. Ruthi needs fall and winter clothes right now. I was able to get her 5 pairs of pants, (2 jeans, 2 cords and one little cotton pair) 5 long-sleeve tops/sweaters and one little sweater/shawl. (I think this what they call a pashmina? - I am so not a fashion guru!) Oh, and a too cute denim hat.

I got 2 long-sleeve shirts for CJ. We thought we had found some jeans for him, but the ones that were the right waist size were too short, and the ones that were long enough were too small in the waist. That's what happens with a tall, skinny kid!

And, I got to really nice - almost new pairs of fall shoes for me.

Not bad for $20, huh? And these were pretty nice clothes. I didn't see anything that was stain, or torn or really even showed signs of wear. And she had a TON of clothes! If Ruthi could still wear a 2T, I would have REALLY done well!

Chip is at the station today, so it's just the kids and me. After dinner, I was feeling better. My head still hurt, but not as bad.

Ruthi didn't take a nap today, and I could tell she was getting tired. I wanted her to stay away until at least 8:00, but I didn't want her to be grumpy.

So, I decided to get my walk in. So off the kids and I went. It was nice and cool this evening, so that was a plus.

When we got to the turn around point, I decided to push myself a little and go further.

I've been walking a mile. (Well, been is a little misleading - I've only walked for 2 days - so the two days I walked so far, I walked a mile.)

But Chip had told me the mark for 1.5 miles. So we kept walking.

No big deal, right?

On the way back, there are a few slightly-up-hill places.

Oh my goodness. That extra half mile made a very big difference! I was really huffing and puffing!

I was pushing Ruthi in the stroller. At one point she turned and looked up at me and just stared with a very quizzical look on her face. Then she said, "Mommy, what are you doing?"

Between puffs, I managed to say, "Breathing."

That seemed to satisfy her.

Good thing, because I didn't have the breath at the moment for an explanation!

We walked the mile and a half in just under 45 minutes. I was really booking it as much as I could on the way back, because it was getting dark, and we weren't wearing reflective clothing. And there are no streetlights.

But we made it.

You know what's annoying? CJ didn't even break a sweat! Little turkey!

My head still hurts a little. But amazingly - it didn't hurt at all while I was walking. I didn't even think about it! I plan to go to the chiropractor first thing in the morning. I have to go early, because CJ has a basketball game at 11. And the chiropractor is 30 minutes away.

Well, I have sufficiently cooled down now. So I'm going to get some things done before it gets too late. Ruthi is quietly watching Caillou right now, and if I don't get her in bed, she will fall asleep right in the chair. Not that that would be a bad thing, but I don't want her to fall asleep before she goes to the potty! I'd rather not have to wash bed sheets tomorrow!

This turned out to be a really long post. Sorry! If you stuck with me to the end, congratulations! And I leave you with one final thing.

I've never posted one of these before. But, I've seen this on a few blogs lately, and it is just too funny, so I thought I'd share. If you are a mom, you will love it. (I love this woman - she is so funny, and writes/sings hilarious songs!) Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Fun Evening

Yesterday, about 4:00, Ruthi climbed up in my lap and announced she wanted to "play sumpin." I asked her what she wanted to play, and out of the blue, she said she wanted to go to the park. This kind of surprised me that she even thought of this, because I'm not a very good mommy, and we haven't been to the park much at all this summer. It's just too hot - I don't do hot very well.

I love to go to the park in the spring and the fall, but not the summer. So she actually doesn't have lots of park experience. Yes, I'm a bad mommy.

However, I remembered that a couple weeks ago, while I was at the doctor, Chip had taken the kids to the park for a little bit. So maybe that's why she thought of it. was a nice (not too hot) evening, so I thought it was a good idea. So I called Chip and asked if we could all go. He was about to run out to take care of something, and we just tagged along with him.

Then we stopped at Stevie B's Pizza (YUM!) to get some dinner to fuel up before heading to the park. Then off we went. Chip and CJ played tennis, and Ruthi climbed, slid, spun, jumped, threw played in the rocks, and even did a little swinging.

She also chased down a little boy, DETERMINED to give him a hug.

He wasn't very receptive.

She still had fun. Until we had to leave.

It wasn't pleasant....but it could have been worse. Actually, it wasn't that bad. She did protest and cry a bit. But she didn't throw a tantrum or anything...thankfully!

I took some pictures. The ones of Ruthi came out. The ones of the guys playing tennis did not. It was getting to dark, and my flash wouldn't work from the distance I was from them. Oh well. But here are some of Ruthi.

Today I went for my MRI. I was very happy to see that only my upper body (elbows up) had to be in that tunnel. If it had been one that my entire body had to go in, I probably would have needed a sedative! Tunnels are not fun for claustrophobics! Thankfully, I'm not severe - I can handle small places, just not really tight places. And as long as I can see out, I'm ok.

Chip told me later that when I was in the bathroom, he asked about it, because he was a bit concerned how I'd handle it if I had to be all the way in. I'm so glad that wasn't the case.

I could see out if I moved my eyes toward my feet, but there was also a mirror right above me that was angled out and allowed me to see out too. I had to lay there for about 25 minutes, but I had music in my ears, which helped drown out the noise of the machine, and I just relaxed without anyone climbing on me!!

When it was over, the technician commented on how well I did. She said, "You didn't move at all! It was so nice not to have to keep saying, keep you head still!" I was afraid if I moved, I'd mess something up, so I didn't move at all. I don't think I've ever been that still, for that long...even when I'm sleeping!

But it's over, and I'm glad. I should have the results in a few days. But I'm sure they won't find anything. The headaches are much better. If something was really wrong, they wouldn't be getting better. It would be nice if they could figure out what the cause was, but I have a feeling it will remain a mystery, just as so many other things have in my life! Oh well. I'm just thankful that I'm feeling better!

Now I need to go prepare dinner...later!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Look Great in 2008

OK, so I totally bombed and fizzled with the May Day Weight Loss Challenge. Shame on me. But it's a new season, and there is a new challenge. I'm a week late joining the challenge officially (announcing it here), but I've already begun implementing some changes. I am really serious this time. And I'm proud to say, I'm already noticing a difference on the scale!!!

But since I'm officially joining today, I will start with today's weight for the challenge. No, I'm not announcing the number, but maybe I will once I'm at my desired weight!

My plan of attack is the same as before - eat less/more healthy, exercise, get enough sleep, drink lots of water....but this time I want to stick to it! I've done really well with my eating this past week and have really increased my water intake. I have been doing sit ups for a few days, and this morning I walked a mile!

Yesterday I felt better than I have in 4 weeks (if you are not a regular reader, I've been sick for the past 4 weeks) and today I feel even better. I'm still having the MRI tomorrow to rule stuff out that was causing the headaches, but I think the worst is definitely behind me!

So I walked with my neighbor this morning and we will be doing that at least 4 days a week. We walked the mile in 30 minutes (there is some incline) and I was pooped! I'm embarrassed at how out of shape I am! Our goal is to eventually walk a 15 minute mile, and to be walking 4 miles.

I am feeling much more motivated this time, and already seeing a difference on the scale is making me very excited!

**Edited to add: I wanted to mention a big accomplishment for me this week. This may not seem big to some, but for me it was! One of my absolute favorite holiday treats are the Reeces peanut butter things. You know, eggs at Easter, trees at Christmas, pumkins at Halloween...
Well, I was in the store yesterday and spotted the pumkins. My first instinct was to reach for one. But I resisted! And I'm not even craving one (which is what usually happens if I pass something like that by.) My daughter spotted the M&M's and wanted some, so I let her have the treat, and I ate 5 of them. Just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. This is pretty big for me, as I have a huge sweet tooth! I'm quite proud of myself! And even happier that I'm not feeling like I've missed out on something! YAY!!!

I want to Look AND FEEL Great in 2008! If you want to do so too, then join the challenge! Visit Tales From the Scales.

Monday, September 24, 2007

2 Steps Forward.....1 Step Back

That explains how I've been feeling. I'll be SO glad when my body is back to normal! This past week I was feeling better - headaches not as bad - and was trying to get back to "normal" life. But then Friday, my throat started hurting. So now I have a sore throat which seems to be making my head feel MUCH worse! And there's still pressure in my ears. I'm now taking an antibiotic, so hopefully that will knock whatever's left out.

I am scheduled for an MRI on Thursday. I don't expect they will find anything, but they want to make sure to rule some stuff out. I'm really hoping the headaches stop completely in the next few days, because I'm almost out of pain pills. Early this morning my head felt like it was in a vise - horrible pain! So Darvocet has been my friend. But I'd really like to get rid of that friend very soon!

I woke up later in the morning, feeling a little better, and Chip was cooking breakfast. What a sweetie!
I really want my energy back - and to be able to go all day without feeling icky or having a headache! A day like that can NOT come soon enough!

I'm going to try to get some things done today. Deciding where to start will be my first challenge. So many things to get done!!!!
So, I'm off to work on something around here. And hopefully I'll be back regularly sooner than later!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


That's the only word describing how I feel and have felt for the past 13 days. Obviously, that's why I haven't been around. And at this point, not sure when I'll feel good enough to be back on a regular basis.

I'm not really sure what's going on. I went to the doctor because I was having sinus pressure in my ears. And I had a busted blood vessel in my eye - apparently from the pressure. The pressure has caused me to be dizzy and nauseous, but no other symptoms. Plus, a really bad headache.

Then it got worse when I had an allergic reaction to the pain medication. (He didn't want me taking anything with asprin because of my eye.) That was a nightmare - made me so sick I could barely lift my head, and then the vomiting - I HATE to vomit.

They called me in something different, so I thought the worst was over. Well, maybe the worst, but I still feel like crap. My head hasn't stopped hurting for 13 days. The medication eases the pain, but doesn't make it go away.

I feel like I'm going crazy. I can only be up for a little bit a time and then I have to lie back down. I am doing the bare minimum around the house - just enough to keep the walls from caving in. But it's driving me nuts that I can't clean everything up like I want to. I can't even sit at the computer very long without feeling sick. So I'm very tired of this.

I got frustrated today when I called the doctor's office to see if I could get an appointment, and my doctor and his staff wasn't there today. They checked with another doctor who said he could call in something stronger. I said I didn't want something stronger, I want to find out what's causing the headaches and fix the problem! So now I'm waiting on a call from a neurologist, as they want to do a cat scan to see if they can figure out what the deal is.

I'm really sick of all this. I have been an emotional basket case. I just want to feel "normal" again. And when all I can do is lie around the house all day, I have a battle with my thoughts. These nasty worse-case scenario thoughts keep creeping in that I have to fight away. I've been praying a LOT. I just want to have some peace of mind, and to feel better!

For a couple days, I had started to feel a little better, but then it's like WHAM - right back to feeling horrible. I just want it to stop!

Thankfully my husband has been wonderful, taking care of everything he can. I am so thankful for him. He doesn't think he's done much, but he really has, and I'm glad he's here. But he has to be out of town next week, so I REALLY need to feel better!

OK, I really need to go lie down. Please keep my in your prayers, and hopefully I'll be back feeling better than ever very soon!
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