Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Garden Patch

Spring is here, and we decided to plant a few things and see how they do. We planted some tomatoes a couple years ago, and they did pretty well - we LOVE fresh tomatoes! So Chip bought a few tomato plants, as well as some strawberries, watermelon and cabbage! So the guys (and Ruthi!) set out to make our little garden patch. The strawberries were planted in a pot on the front porch, but everything else will go here.

Ruthi had a blast playing in the dirt, and you can see the child-size hoe she is using. This is the very same one Chip used when he was just a tot. Kinda cool she's getting to use something her Daddy used at her age!

They started the digging on Sunday evening. The got up this morning to finish it up. CJ had a life skills class today instead of having to sit down and do "real" work. After they were done, he worked on some other things in the yard for his Dad. I didn't hear any complaints from him! I imagine he'd like for school to be like this every day!

Since there were several pictures, I decided to try the slide show.

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  1. Those kind of days are among my daughter's favorite school days, too! And I think they're wonderfully important. My daughter had zero interest in learning to cook, until we made it into a "school activity", usually relating to something else we were doing.
    Anyway, it looks like they had a fun and productive day! Hope you'll share photos as your garden continues to grow.
    Have a wonderful day!


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