Saturday, May 03, 2008

There's a Fly in my Room

2:30 AM - this morning. I hear Ruthi's door open.

She appears next to me. "Mommy, I can't sleep." (This is a phrase I often hear at this hour.)

Me: Yes you can, and I bet you can sleep in your bed!

Her: No I can't. I want to lay down with you.

Me: Why can't you sleep in your bed?

Her: There's a fly in my bed.

Me: A fly?

Her: Yeah.

Me: What's the fly doing?

Her: Just staying in there.

Me: What if I get the fly out - then can you sleep in your bed?\

Her: I want him killed.

Me: OK, if I kill him, you can sleep in your bed?

Her: No.

Me: Why not?

Her: He's not lettin' me.

Me: What if I make him go bye-bye?

Her: No, I want him to stay!

Me: You want the fly to stay?

Her: No, not the fly! Jesus!

Me: Oh! Well, Jesus will let you sleep in your bed.

Her: I want to sleep with you.

She then stretched, yawned, rolled over and closed her eyes. And then she tooted on me. But she was too tired to think that was funny.

Yes, I then got up and wrote the entire conversation down so I wouldn't forget it.

Would I love it if she slept all night, every night? Sure! But then I'd miss out on some special middle-of-the-night moments and cute conversations. And I will always cherish those!

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  1. That is hilarious! I love the things our little ones say! You have a sweetheart there!


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