Friday, May 16, 2008

Panic Attack

That is what I experienced today. Not a physical panick attack, but some serious panicking, nonetheless.

Nope, nothing is wrong with my kids or hubby, or any family member or friend.

What then?

Something is wrong with my very loved computer!

When I sat down at the computer this morning, I noticed that my status bar was missing. I really didn't think much of it. But then it acted up a little, and when I closed everything out, I noticed that all my icons were gone too!

I didn't panick immediately, as something similar has happened before. So I rebooted.

Nothing. Still no icons or status bar.

Panick began to set in. What about all my pictures that I haven't managed to back up? There are tons of them!

I then used the ctrl/alt/del keys, and that opened my task manager. I was very happy to discover my pictures are still there. And I can access the internet through it.

But the mystery remains...still no icons or status bar. I googled it, and I'm hoping it's not a virus. One thing I read was to make sure I didn't have the icons hidden - checked that - not the problem.

So, the panick is over, but the problem is not solved. And of course, the wonderful hubby is on duty today. He will have to look at it tomorrow, and hopefully work some magic!

I really hope it is going to be a quick and easy fix. But if I'm not around for a few days, you will know it wasn't!

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  1. Good luck, Jennifer...sure hope it's nothing serious!


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