Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wheel-barrow of Fun!

CJ is an incredible big brother. Sure, sometimes he annoys the snot out of his little sister, but she can dish it right back out. I really thought that with 10.5 years between them, that there would be little/no sibling rivalry.

I was DEAD WRONG! They can drive each other NUTS at times.

But they absolutely adore each other as well. And it melts my heart when CJ takes Ruthi and does something fun with her, just because he wants to...not because I asked. And to see the delight on her face and knowing that she will always remember these moments - yeah, that really makes my heart soar.

When I was in the middle of all the wedding reception plans last week, it was difficult to give much attention to Ruthi. And this three year old can only take so much of my attention being directed somewhere other than on her.

But her incredible big brother did a great job entertaining her. I had to go outside for something, and found them having a good time. So I HAD to stop long enough to take a few pictures. This is what I saw:

(I STILL can't get that boy to smile for the camera!)

(Ruthi may have been having more fun than he was, but he was having more fun than it looks like he was in these pictures.)

On Friday I was busy, and again CJ stepped in and kept Ruthi entertained for most of the day. She LOVES to play outside, so he had her out there for quite a while. He really kept her busy.

On Friday evening, she began telling me how much fun she had with CJ that day. Then she proclaimed, "CJ's the best!" (There went my heart again!)

Pretty soon, CJ is going to be off doing his own thing with his friends. I hope he will still make time for his little sister who looks up to him so much. (When they are not annoying each other.)

Somehow I think he will always make time for her, because I can see how much he loves her. And I think that before too long, she won't be quite as annoying to him as she can be now. (She is three, after all!) And I look forward to watching their relationship grow.

I love these kids, and I love how much they love each other. It really does this mom's heart good!


  1. Ah, that CJ really is a great kid, Jennifer!

  2. Rest assured...all kids have that rivalry. Even my 17 and 4 year old fight. However, it seems like you have a gem in wonderful that he spent that one on one with Ruthi! Just proves what a good mom and role model YOU ARE. Hugs

  3. what a great guy he is! they do and will continue to have a very special relationship!


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