Monday, April 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Well, I'm just squeaking it in on Monday, but I want to make sure to get my menu for the week up. I wouldn't want my dear hubby to, you know, have to ASK what's for dinner! LOL! It will be right here for him!

First of all though, the Refried Bean Soup from last week was fabulous!! Oh my goodness, I could eat it every day for lunch! As a matter of fact, I ate it for 5 meals and a snack! It was THAT good! CJ liked it too, and he's not always crazy about soups. My hubby did not get to try it, because we ate it for two meals when he was at work, and when I was eating it for lunch, he wasn't home either. So he just never had a chance. Maybe when I make it again, I'll make sure he at least gets a taste!

Up for this week:

Monday: Cereal (and popcorn as an evening snack!)

Tuesday: Meatball Sandwiches ~ Fried Potatoes

Wednesday: Tacos ~ Refried beans ~ Chips and Salsa

Thursday: Leftovers/Sandwiches

Friday: Bacon ~ Eggs ~ Grits

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Sunday: TBD


  1. Mmmm...grits! I love grits, but no one else in the family does :(

    Sounds like quite the yummy week, Jennifer!

  2. You are so good about this meal planning. I wish I could get that organized! : )

  3. We love having breakfast for supper. That's usually my fall-back plan--quick, cheap, I always have the ingredients, and the kids think it's a treat.

    How've you been?


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