Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Love This Face...

Even when it is covered in dirt, it is the cutest little girl face I know:

And if you think the face was dirty, look at these little feet!

And here's that precious face all cleaned up:

And I even love that face when she keeps me up half the night. Last night was NOT fun! I don't know what was going on, but it was a VERY rough night. She woke up several times and was extremely irritable. It was a very long night and I've been wide awake since before 6 this morning. Yes, the night owl was awake before the sun was up! I will definitely need a nap today! And she is now semi-awake and pitching a fit. Guess I'll go deal with her while remembering how much I love that face. And the little person attached to it!


  1. Too cute! I have a picture just like that of Annie when she's about that age (we have it framed in our bathroom).

  2. we are always barefoot and dirty around here!

  3. It is a cute face!!

  4. Absolutely adorable - dirty or clean that is a cute face!

    BTW, I am trying to catch up on blog reading and just wanted tot say your cakes and food you did for the wedding look great!

  5. She is sooo precious...dirty face and all! Hope you got to catch up on your sleep.

  6. A girl after my own heart!! Love these photos!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Hope you have a fantastic Mother's day!!!


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