Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So Much Fun!

Last night was the awards ceremony for Upward Basketball/Cheerleading at our church. It's always good, but last night we had a great time.

Our special speaker/entertainment last night was Seth Franco. He is the a former Harlem Globetrotter. And he was the first white Globetrotter since 1942.

And he was amazing. You can watch a video clip of him in action on his website.

The clip is great - but he's so much better in person. And his message is wonderful. This is a man ON FIRE for God.

Here are a couple of pictures I took. The lighting was not great, so my pictures are quite dark. I tried to lighten them, but there's not much I can do. Of course the pictures don't do any justice to his talent! It's not like I could really capture what's going on.

You can tell he absolutely loves what he does, and he loves children. He spent much of the night autographing the players' balls, and the cheerleaders' picture frames. And since our crowd isn't particurlarly huge, he let each child spin the basketball on their finger and posed for pictures. This is something these kids will remember for a very long time.

Ruthi was in a not-so-friendly mood last night. As a matter of fact, she snubbed EVERYONE! She wouldn't even play with the kids or kiss the babies like she normally does.

Until she met Seth. We had shown her the video clip of him before hand, and had talked about him a good bit. And she knew that Daddy had played golf with him earlier in the day. (Even though she probalby doesn't have a clue what golf is.)

When she met Seth, he asked for a hug, and she didn't even hesitate - she gave him one willingly. I could hardly believe it. So I asked her to hug him again so I could get a picture. (of course!)

And then he let her spin the basketball on her finger - she loved that! (You can't tell in the pictures of course, but the ball is definitely spinning!)

Then it was CJ's turn to spin the ball. Here he is getting ready...

And now he's doing it by himself!

We had the priveledge of going to dinner with him afterwards. Listening to him was amazing. I don't can't remember being around someone more on fire for God than him. Really made me do some thinking about my own life!

Ruthi just adored him - gave him lots of hugs, and even a kiss or two. He has a 1 yr. old daughter, and Ruthi was making him miss her something fierce!

It was a fabulous night - minus the stress my dear hubby had to deal with trying to corral everyone and keep chaos to a minimum. And it was an honor to have spent the time we were able to with Seth.


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