Friday, November 02, 2007

I Love This...

Ruthi loves to take a nap with her daddy.

Last Friday, she and I were out running errands. I told her that when we got home, it would be time for her nap. She informed me she was going to take a nap with her Daddy.

I let her know that her daddy might not be home when we got home. But she insisted he would.

We got home and she marched into the house looking for her daddy.

"Daddy?" she called out.

No answer.

She was a bit sad. But she decided to be a big girl and take her nap anyway, anticipating seeing her daddy when she woke up.

I spoke to Chip on the phone shortly thereafter, and he said he wished he had known, as he could have come on home at the time. (Um, is he slightly wrapped around her finger?)

He came home pretty soon and Ruthi was still sleeping. What did he do? Went right to her room to get her and proceeded to the couch so she could finish her nap with her daddy!

And she did. As a matter of fact, she slept much longer than she would have had she stayed in her own bed. She was so comfy and cozy with her daddy.

And aren't they cute?

I really love this. It totally melts my heart.


  1. Very cute...there's nothing cuter than sleeping babies (and daddies!)!

  2. What a sweet Daddy! And a great picture.

  3. Too precious for words!


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