Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Sensitive Little Girl

Ruthi can be tough as nails, loud, demanding and even bossy.

But she also, sweet, joyful, loving and she is extremely sensitive. We've known this from the start, and I love this quality about her.

Last night she exhibited her sensitive side. I have to say, it broke my heart a little.

She was watching Wizard of Oz. It was on TV and when we were flipping through, she saw it and wanted to watch. So we left it there.

Now she's seen this movie several times, and will pick it out of the drawer to watch. But I don't think she's truly paid that much attention to it before.

Now she pays attention to everything and really 'gets' stuff.

So, she's watching, and I'm busy working reading blogs. All of a sudden, I hear her crying. I ask her what's wrong.

"The girl needs her puppy" she says in the saddest voice, with tears forming in her eyes.

Once I realize what she means, she is crying and tears are streaming down her face.

The witch had taken Toto from Dorothy and that really upset Ruthi.

I tried to convince her that she would indeed 'get her puppy back', but Ruthi wasn't too sure.

After a visit in to see her daddy and get some reassurance from him, we all decided it was better to change the channel for something a little happier.

Caillou was just the thing to make our girl happy again. (Thank goodness for DVR!)

So sensitive, so sweet, that's our girl!


  1. It is heartbreaking when those little ones get upset about something. We made the mistake of renting "Bridge to Terabithia" last week and one of the main characters dies. Bryn was bawling - it was awful!

  2. I watched this every day when I was 3 or 4, but I always left the room (not knowing how to turn off the movie) before Dorothy got left behind the hot air balloon. I just couldn't handle it. I also called my mom a wicked old witch and made my little sister be Toto. Great movie!


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