Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No More Promises

I keep saying I'll get the rest of the Thanksgiving pictures up and I still haven't gotten to them.

And I'm not today either.

So no more promises....I'll get them up....eventually!

My dear hubby came home from work early today. He's not feeling well. His stomach has been out of sorts for a few days now.

I didn't feel good earlier today. My stomach was having a battle of it's own. Mine feels better now, so hopefully I'm not getting what he has.

But I'm very tired. And I don't seem to have a good reason to be. And I don't feel like editing and posting pictures tonight.

I went to the grocery store because it needed to be done. But I'm having a difficult time motivating myself to do anything else today/night.

So after I straighten a few things up, I'm going to rest.

And hopefully Ruthi will rest well tonight. We had an episode last night. I heard her scream out and when I went to check on her, every hair on her head was soaked with sweat. She was kicking and screaming. We think maybe it was night terrors or something. It was horrible. She screamed and writhed for almost 15 minutes straight. We couldn't calm her down, and up until it was just about over, couldn't even get her to acknowledge us. It was as if she was still asleep and couldn't hear us. That's why I'm thinking night terrors.

But it was awful - heart wrenching that neither of us could soothe her. I hope we don't experience that again.

Chip was a bit concerned it was the beginning of sickness coming on to her. I'm praying it wasn't.

And I'm praying it will be a quiet night. And a sick-free day tomorrow.

Hopefully my motivation will also return. I have to much to do for it to be gone. Or to be sick. Sickness....STAY AWAY!


  1. luke did the very same thing last night!

    stay well!!

  2. Sure sounds like night terrors to me. Poor baby! And poor Mommmy...it was probably harder on you than on her. May it be her last! And I hope you're all feeling much better now!


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