Friday, November 09, 2007

Help Me Please!!!

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I finally need some advice! Ok, so I need advice all the time, but today I remembered a question to participate in Lori's Advice Forum Friday! I usually forget it's Friday or just can't think of a question. But today I have one!!

OK, For Christmas I generally make gifts for all of our extended family - Aunts, Uncles, Cousins...the works. This is not something that is expected of me, just something I really enjoy doing.

This year I'm trying to keep cost as low as possible, in light of our get out of debt plan. I know that I could just cut this out altogether, and now one would be upset at all. But this is for me - it is my favorite part of Christmas. So cutting it out altogether is not in my plan.

My plan is to SIMPLIFY. In past years I've done a variety of baked goods (as in often each person/family gets 2 or 3 different things) and have made some other gifts as well. So to simplify I'm thinking I'll only do one baked thing and let that be it.

Here's where you come in (the advice!): I'm thinking of doing mini loaves of bread. I'm thinking a sweet bread and a savory bread - a 2 bread package deal. What do you think? Is this good, or should I go with something else. (I do NOT want to do cookies - I made about 80 dozen last year, and though they were good, cookies are really not my thing.)

And if you think the bread is a good idea, what are some of your favorites? Can you share your favorite recipes? I would be very grateful!


  1. I love this pumpkin bread:

    The recipe makes two full size loaves, but I usually bake it in a bundt cake pan and top it with cream cheese icing (cream cheese, butter, and powdered sugar whipped together with a mixer). That's not exactly health food, but the pumpkin bread is! I eliminate the oil and put in applesauce instead.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really did think there were only two views "once saved always saved" or the Catholic view (aside from JW, Mormon, etc. that is).

  2. I think bread is a great idea and although I don't have any great recipes, I know there are bunches out there. I particularly enjoy cranberry breads during the holidays!

  3. Mmmm ... bread ...

    All three of these savory bread recipes sound absolutely delicious.

    I use Carol Gelles's cranberry bread recipe from 1000 Vegetarian Recipes. I've found it can be adapted pretty easily for a number of different fruits.

  4. Hi :-) When I do bread as gifts I usually do Zucchini bread. :-) It's a nice bread that they can have anytime. :-) Also, gingerbread. There are great recipse on the "Grandmas" and "Brer Rabbit" bottles of molasses. ;-)

    You might also think of doing something like "Snowman soup". It is very inexpensive, and a very cute idea. :-) I've done that a lot as well. :-)

  5. GREAT idea! What kind of savory bread would you do?

    I love pumpkin, zucchini, orange cranberry, even good old banana nut. Gingerbread sounds really great, too.

    Obviously I'm no help at all, since I'm the most indecisive person you'll ever meet.

    I also like the idea of hot chocolate mix or spice tea mix, and you don't have to cook those!


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