Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Saved Some Money Today!

It's Super Savings Saturday! Hosted by Money Saving Mom.

OK, so I'm new to the awesome deals to be had at CVS and I'm easing myself into it. I go with a plan, but more often than not, it has to get changed because they don't have certain items in stock. Or, in some cases (when the price isn't listed in the ad) I get there and find the price on an item is higher even with a coupon than it is somewhere else. And unless it's an item generating some generous ECB's, it's not really worth it.

So I went today. I actually went earlier in the week to take advantage of the 12-pk coke price (4/$11). However, they didn't have any diet drinks in stock, so I passed. I ended up getting them for the same price at WalMart since they match prices. Granted, I didn't get to save the additional $2 with the CVS coupon, it was still a good price.

Ok, back to today. I didn't have any carryover ECB's and wanted to spend very little out of pocket. There weren't many deals I was interested in, but I did get this:

My grand total? $6.04

I had a 2/10 CVS coupon. I had B1G1 coupons for the makeup and the Altoids, and 50 cent coupons for the Dawn and Goody's.
My total actually came to $8.36, but the register malfunctioned before it accepted my card. (She said they had been acting up all day.) So she had to re-ring everything. However, the receipt had printed and it printed the $1.49 ECB and she applied it when she re-rang my order. So I got a bonus ECB! It may be a small one, but I was still happy!

Hopefully I'll get the hang of rolling over the ECB's soon and start getting the awesome deals I read everyone else getting!

And, at the Grocery store today, I did pretty good too. I had quite a few coupons and between them and the sales I took advantage of, I saved $58.14 on my total! (Half of that was coupons, and the rest was savings from sales.)

I really hope to get better at this and save lots more money on future trips!


  1. Great job, girl! I get so frustrated when CVS doesn't have any of the good deals left - we have 4 stores within 5 miles of us, and sometimes I can't find a product at any of them.

    I love that Money Saving Mom lists the deals so clearly, with step-by-step instructions. And yet, I still haven't gone to CVS in over a month.

  2. Good job! My plans are always changing in the store, I get distracted, especially when the kids are with me! I try to avoid that. Not sure if I'll get anything impressive this week, but I am planning on getting some stuff next week!


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