Friday, November 16, 2007

Everyone Needs a Good Butt-Kicking Sometimes!

If you know me, you'd probably think that I never run out of things to say. Which is mostly true.

But this blogging everyday thing? It's actually a bit of a challenge!

So, I'm sharing a conversation Chip and the kids had recently while playing a game of Connect Four, that I found quite funny.

Chip was taking turns with the kids. Ruthi's turn was over and it was now CJ's turn to play. The conversation went like this:

Chip: "Ready to get your butt kicked son?"

Ruthi: "I want to get my butt kicked!"

Chip: "Ruthi, can you move over?" (So CJ could reach the game)

Ruthi: "OK, I will get my butt kicked in a minute."

CJ: "I'll kick it for you."

Ruthi: No, I want to kick my butt with those!" (points to the Connect Four checkers.)

I thought it was funny. I don't know - maybe you had to be there.

And here's a very quick conversation she and I had recently:

She was sitting in my lap and I was bouncing her a little.

Ruthi: "Stop Mom. Don't bounce me."

(I poked my lip out a little like I didn't want to stop bouncing her.)

Ruthi: "Don't be sad."

(She then gave me a big hug and kiss.)

(I smiled.)

Ruthi: "I did gave you a hug and that did make you so happy!"

Me: "Yes, you did make me happy!"


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