Saturday, June 30, 2007

Heart of Gold

That's what my son has. He really does.

Today is my birthday, and as I said a couple posts ago, my hubby has to work today, so we celebrated yesterday.

But my son wanted today to still be special too.

I wanted to sleep in this morning as late as I could. That didn't exactly happen, but that's ok. Ruthi had come in and got in the bed with me around 8:00 this morning. Shortly after that, I heard CJ talking to her, and then they were gone. So I went back to sleep.

A little bit later, they were back, and I heard in the sweetest little voice, "Happy Birsh-day Mommy" and Ruthi was handing me a card.

CJ had taken her to his room to let her make a card for me. And he made one too. Talk about melting my heart! And then they sang Happy Birthday to me.

What a great start to the day! (I wish I could say the rest of the day has been that great! But, oh well!)

He did the same thing for Mother's Day too - he and Ruthi made a card together for me.

Is that not the sweetest thing? He really wants to make things special for me. He wanted to take me to Starbucks today and treat me. But, my stomach has not been very cooperative today At. All. So I told him maybe we should wait until tomorrow. Plus, that way Chip will be home we can leave Ruthi with him, so CJ and I can have a little one-on-one time.

He really thought it would be nice to take me on my actual birthday, but he agreed to wait until tomorrow.

As far as yesterday - it turned out wonderful. Hubby bought me quite a few new clothing items - it was a LOT of fun! Marshall's had some great picks. And then I ended up with a few more things from Goody's too.

And then we went out for an early dinner - we ate a late breakfast and skipped lunch, so we were hungry! And a bonus - no crowds!

We went to Johnny Carino's, which I had been craving for a while. We got the Italian Nachos - our absolute favorite appetizer.
And I ordered the Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia. I ordered this because Barb has a recipe for it on her blog, and it looked so yummy. So I thought I'd try it and see if I liked it before I tried making it.

Well, it was almost too spicy for me to eat. I just tried to avoid the actual chunks of Jalapeno. Yeah, it was hot. And lets just say I was paying for it today. 'Nuff said!

I won't be making this because Chip wasn't crazy about the fish/pasta combination. I thought it was ok, but won't miss it if I don't have it again.

However, Barb also has a recipe for the dipping stuff that you pour the olive oil over and dip your bread in. I tried it a while back and made a big batch of it and keep it on hand. We eat it probably once a week - it is fabulous.

And I totally intend to try her recipe for Italian Nachos, because, as I said - we love those.

Anyway, the day was fantastic. And today's not too bad either.

And I can't believe I'm now 35 - that's halfway to 70! LOL!


  1. I so meant to send you a Happy Birthday card. :( But today's not been so hot for me either. I'm so burned that I actually went to the store without a bra on a few minutes ago to get milk. I think that's the first time since before I had kids.

    Anywho! Nuff rambling! Glad to hear you had a great birthday and CJ is a sweetheart!!!

  2. How thoughtful! Sorry you aren't feeling super today, but I'm glad you had fun yesterday!

  3. Did you HAVE to say halfway to 70? UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for delurking! It's nice to "meet" you! :-)

  4. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!! That's so sweet of your kiddos!!! : )
    The dinner sounds yummy. We've never eaten at a Johnny Carino's, but I think there is one near us. We'll have to try it!
    Have a super week!!!! Enjoy those new clothes and your starbucks!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time! Good for you!


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