Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Check in....Week SIX?

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Week Six? For Real?

OK, I've been VERY BAD. I haven't posted since week TWO! (Hangs head in shame!) Lets see, first it was just a bad week, then embarrassed that I had not been doing that well, and then, well...it was easy to just forget about it!

But, I CAN'T forget! I really need to do better! I was SO motivated at first - I don't know what happened. Maybe because I wasn't posting, I lost the accountability factor, and could just write it off.

Well, I'm back, and I really want to work harder! So, back to all my original goals and plan. I pledge to myself to get back on track this week.

I haven't gained any weight, which is good, and I haven't been stuffing my face or anything. But I have gotten a little less careful with my portions and my snack choices. So, back to being conscious about that, drinking my water consistently and getting off my duff and exercising!

I'm looking forward to posting next week that I did good!

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  1. Welcome back. It's never too late!

  2. Welcome back, so glad that you have not gained any weight.

  3. Glad to have you back! Keep making healthy choices! Lots of us have had bad weeks, so don't be afraid to check in at any time.

  4. Welcome back! And I am VERY impressed that you haven't gained in 4 WEEKS!! That's great!

    Good luck this week! Don't forget about us again, LOL!!

  5. Oh no...you just reminded me that I didn't do my mid-month weigh-in. Can I pretend I didn't just read your post and still haven't remembered?!!

    Anyway, good luck, Jennifer! If you ask me, "not gaining" is success all on its own. That's my biggest hurdle...making progress and then back-tracking as soon as I'm not being vigilant. (Which is what I'm worried about right now!)

  6. Not gaining is a great accomplishemnt, especially if you haven't been very careful. I am can gain in an instant if I am not careful!

    I did like "The Devil Wears Prada" - I am a sucker for movies with a happy ending where everyhting gets wrapped up nicely and the good guys win! I did like the book better, but only because there was so much more to the story in the book. You can only fit so much into a 2 hour movie!


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