Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

To my fabulous husband and father of my children:

Thank you for being the incredible father you are. You love our children with every ounce of your being - and it shows. You work so hard to provide for them (and me). Even when you are working hours on end, you take the time to take a break and spend time with them. When you are completely worn out, you will still wrestle with CJ and cuddle with Ruthi.

I love you for that.

You are such an incredible example for them. You are teaching CJ, through your actions, how to be a wonderful man of God, and a loving, devoted husband and father. You are teaching him how to treat his wife as an equal partner while remaining the head of the household. You are teaching him that next to God, she should be the most important thing in your life. You are teaching him to love his children unconditionally, and to always take time for them. You are teaching him how to be kind, loving, generous, compassionate and more. You are teaching him good work ethics, and about the important things in life, and how to balance it all.

I love you for that.

You are completely smitten with your daughter, and have been from the moment she was born. I love watching you with her. I've always loved watching you with CJ, but it is quite different with this little girl. It takes about 1 second for her to melt your heart, and you are such a big teddy bear with her. You let her climb all over you, even when you have no strength left in your body.
You are teaching her that she can always count on you and that she can always come to you. You let her know that she is safe in your arms. The qualities she sees in you will be the same ones she will one day look for in a husband - someone who will love her and put her, after God, above all else, and will treat her with kindness, respect and compassion, and a bit of patience too (if she ends up with a whole lot of me in her!) You are teaching her, through your actions, how she should be treated as a wife.

I love you for that.

I couldn't be more blessed - married to the man God had picked out for me, who loves me unconditionally and loves our children more than life itself. You are an incredible husband and father. And you are not just their father - you are their DAD.

I love you for that.

And to my Dad - Happy Father's Day! Thank you for your unconditional love. And my husband has many of the same qualities you have - ones I looked for because of your example. Thank you for that! I pray He and Ruthi will always have the special bond that I have cherished having with you. There's something special about the bond of a Father and a Daughter. I love you Daddy!

I don't know the time difference between here and China - but I will be calling you at some point - hopefully it won't be while you are sleeping! I love you and will see you when you get home.

(And Mom - I love you with all my heart too!!! Thank you for being my friend!)

And although I know he doesn't read my blog (no computer!), I want to say Happy Father's Day to my father-in-law. Thank you for being a wonderful example to your son - you did it right! You helped form him into the fabulous man that he is, and for that, I am very thankful. To one of the kindest and compassionate man of God I've ever known - Happy Father's Day!

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