Friday, June 29, 2007

Not EXACTLY the way I pictured the beginning of the day!

Tomorrow is my birthday. Unfortunately, my hubby has to work.

So he decided to make my day today a little special.

He had to go into town, so he brought home my FAVORITE item from Martins - a pork tenderloin biscuit with tomato and mayonnaise. And it was SO very yummy. Especially since I haven't had one in quite some time.

He asked me last night if I was going to be busy today - I said, not really. He wants to take me shopping - YAY! I'm not even sure what we'll be shopping for, but it doesn't really matter.
And, I suspect, that he may have plans to take me out for dinner as well. I mean, if he's calling this a special day for me, he wouldn't want me to cook, right?

Well, even if I do cook, that would be fine. Guess I'll find that out later.

But - here's the little monkey wrench in our day.

First, I need to back up.

On Tuesday of this week, we went to the chiropractor and out to lunch. We came home, parked the car and went about our business.

Wednesday morning rolls around, and I need to run to the post office. The car won't start - won't even turn over. I assume the battery is dead. Chip is at work, so I go back inside and we make no ventures out. (If I'd really needed to go out, I have fantastic neighbors that would have helped, or Chip would have even come home long enough to take care of matters - but it really was no big deal.)

Yesterday he's home, and tried to start the car, to no avail, but had a busy day, so didn't really do anything about it.

Well this morning - here is the scene:

Yep, the car is dead. And it is not the battery. So into the shop it goes.
Ruthi found it quite fun to watch the tow truck pull the car up. She's been saying our car is broken. When it was in place on the truck, she excitedly announced, "It's fixed!" And I had to explain to her, no, now it needed to go to the "doctor".

Which she seemed to understand...

Until the truck began to drive off.

Oh the tears!! I couldn't believe it. She was EXTREMELY upset that our car was being taken away. Poor thing.

So, we are still going to get to go shopping, we will go in hubby's truck instead.

Ironically, on Tuesday, hubby saw a couple of the guys from our mechanic shop at the gas station (next door to the shop) and made the comment - "I'm glad you're not having to work on this thing." (He was driving the Expedition)
And that was the last time it was driven!

Coincidence or Conspiracy? Yeah, we think they did something to it.

Not really.

But it is quite ironic!

Oh, and for the record, yes I'm aware that and SUV such as mine is typically referred to as a truck, not a car. But I am a girl, and to me it is a car. Hubby drives a truck, you know, with a bed - that's a truck to me. I don't care if it is sitting on a truck chassis or whatever, it's still a car to me!


  1. I broke down twice in the same week in our Explorer (which I do call the truck). I think I will stick with my minivan! Good luck with the truck,!

  2. Hope it's nothing too major, meaning of course, nothing too expensive! Hope you've got your car/truck back soon!


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