Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dirty Little Secret

The things I'll do to have a chance to win something! What am I trying to get this time? A $25 Target gift card! How could I pass up the chance to win that? Sarah at Ordinary Days is daring us to "air our dirty laundry", so to speak. This challenge is to be honest and let the 'world' in on something we might not normally want the world to know about us.

Problem is, I could think of quite a few things. Most of which I couldn't actually take a picture - just things about me that I could tell you. But I'm too chicken for that.

So I opted to go the route she did - show a part of my house that needs some attention. Hmmm....a place I'd be embarassed if anyone saw. I typically have more than one place like this. But the organizing bug hit me recently and I've been quite busy tackling those spots!

But this one remains. My hall closet. This closet is an overflow of scrapbooking things, a place to store odds and ends and everything that I don't really have another place inside the house to store. Keep in mind, that I did actually clean this thing out not too terribly long ago. But it just keeps getting messy again. At times, it is very difficult to even close the door!

I really would hate for someone to open this door right now! Here it is, in all it's glory. 3 photos, from the top to the bottom.

OK, then I got really brave and decided to take pictures of the true dark hole. The one that is more "out of sight, out of mind" but not really so much out of mind. Because everytime I have to go out there, I cringe a litte. I've had really good intentions of cleaning it out and adding some organization, but well, you know how it goes with good intentions.

In my defense, it is really difficult, because I can't have Ruthi with me to do this - too hot and I'm afraid she'll get hurt. So I keep thinking, when she gets a little older I can do it. Or, I could do it at night while she sleeps! Obviously, I haven't made it a priority.

This is the storage building/office in our back yard. Hubby's office and workshop is downstairs. The mess is upstairs. We added this after Ruthi was born, because most of it was stored in what is now her room. She's 2 and a half now. And this has been lurking out there all this time! Scary!
(Sorry the pictures are a little dark.)

So there you have it. Some dark secrets. Now I really hope I win that gift card, because I really love me some Target! :o)

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