Friday, June 22, 2007

An afternoon at the Park

I have more pictures I haven't posted and am still trying to get caught up! These were taken at the end of May.

It was a beautiful day, and I needed to go to the chiropractor. I don't usually attempt going unless Chip goes with me or he's at home with Ruthi. But I really needed to go, so I had a good talk with the kids about how they were to behave while we were there. And, they were great and there were no problems. Now, I'm not afraid to try to go without Chip!

Anyway, I promised them that if they were good, we'd go to the park afterward. My chiropractor is right on the square. So instead of parking behind his building like normal, I parked where I could find a spot on the square and we walked to his office from there.

I had packed a picnic lunch, so when we were finished, we went back to the car to get our food and sat in the park and ate. It's a historical park and hosts many events, so it's not really a park with swings or anything. But the kids had fun anyway. There's a little train to play on and Ruthi had a blast. And they love the fountain too.

We used to take CJ to this park all the time, because Chip's parents lived very close to it at the time, so we were close to it often. This was Ruthi's first time. As she was playing, I was remembering CJ being that small and playing. It's really not fair how time flies and they grow up so fast!

So, here are some pictures from the day.


  1. Looks like they had lots of fun, and what a cute little park!

  2. You take the best pictures! Thanks for posting them!


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