Thursday, June 14, 2007

First Dip (Catching up)

OK, I'm trying to get pictures posted that I've taken recently - better late than never, right?

These were actually taken on June 1st - 2 weeks ago! We dug out and set up Ruthi's little pool and filled it up for her first dip of the summer. (Yes, I'm aware summer is not technically here yet!)

The water was FREEZING - but she didn't care one bit. She loved it! And I took at least 3 times more pictures than I have here - these were my favorites. She's just so cooperative and loves for me to take her picture - unlike her 13 year old brother (who I have to battle half the time to get a good pic - can't imagine why!);o)

Chip had been working in the heat and decided to cool off just a bit - but he had no idea how cold that water really was! And Ruthi attempted to dump some on him - if it had been anyone but her, he may not have thought it was very funny!


  1. Those are just precious!!! Ruthi is so beautiful!! Gonna have your hands full when she gets older.

  2. She certainly is a cooperative little model, isn't she? Lucky you! Just as adorable as can be!

  3. I am thoroughly impressed that you get so many pictures taken and posted - she is too cute!

  4. Those pictures are great!! You are a wonderful photographer!!! love those curls!


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