Sunday, July 01, 2007

About our Day...

This morning started differently than I had planned. I set my alarm last night to go off at 6 this morning to get ready for Church. I don't like to be rushed - we leave at 8:30, and I really need 2 and a half hours to get myself and Ruthi ready and double check CJ and make sure he's put together properly. And I don't want to have to do it all in a hurry.

Well, the alarm went off, and I hit snooze. Or at least that's what I thought. I don't know what happened, but it did not go back off 8 minutes later as it should have.

At 7:37 Ruthi came in and crawled in the bed. That woke me up. I looked at the clock in panic! I said to myself that there was no way we could make it on time. And heaven forbid we show up...late!

Hubby wasn't home from work yet, and normally I would have turned over, said oh well, and gone back to sleep.

BUT, I had recently made a personal commitment to stop making excuses and get back to going to church on a regular basis.

Since Ruthi's been here, and I'm no longer actively in children's ministry (for a while), it's been far too easy just not to go. I mean, before I was expected to be there - people were counting on me, and very rarely did I miss. And now, who would miss me? It's not a big deal, right?

Well, God was missing me. And without that commitment, I wasn't spending much time with time with Him during the week either. So I knew I needed to make a new commitment to be at church as a fresh start. And my kids need to be there too.

OK, back to this morning. So I start to turn over. Then I think, this is exactly what satan wants - for me to stay at home in bed and keep my kids and me from getting our spirits fed.

So I jumped up and got in the shower. I don't think I've ever taken a shower so quickly before!

Believe it or not, in 50 minutes, at 8:30...we walked out the door and made it to church on time. And so glad we did!

We had a special speaker this morning, and he was AWESOME! Funny as ever, with an incredible message. His name is David George. I was going to put the link to his message this morning, but it's not up yet. I'll try to remember to add it when it's there, so you can watch if you'd like.

Anyway, we had a great service and I'm so glad I didn't roll back over!

We grabbed some lunch and went home. CJ still wanted to take me to Starbucks, so once Ruthi was down for a nap, he and I headed out. We had to make stops at Blockbuster and Home Depot first, but then we made it to our destination.

And we had Raspberry Mocha Frappucino's. OH the yummy goodness!!!! And some sort of cookie bar that I can't remember the name now, but it was pretty good too.

We started to head home when Chip called and suggested CJ and I catch a movie while we were out since we hadn't done that in a while. So I made u-turn and headed back to town.

We ended up seeing Ratatouille and indulged in popcorn and White Cherry Icee's! Yep, I splurged big time today! But the was SO CUTE! I highly recommend it!

When we left, it was 6:00 and I figured Chip and Ruthi were getting hungry by now. So I called, and he wanted Checkers. And well, I couldn't say no to that, even though I had my heart on going home and cooking! Ok, not really. So we ate our fat-laden champ burgers and fully-loaded fries. And it was a good day!

And now I have so many things to do by Tuesday night, as will be heading out on Wednesday morning for a few days. So many things need to be done that will cut into my blogging and scrapping time! *Sigh* Guess I should get busy!

Good night!


  1. What an awesome day! And, good for you for going ahead and getting up. If I didn't have my commitments at church, I guarantee that I'd be there less than I am now - especially days that I didn't have my hubby to help us get going!

  2. Sounds like a great day - somehow getting to church on Sunday really can improve a lot of things! I am glad to hear you liked "Ratatouille" - that is on our list of things to do this weekend.

  3. Thanks for sharing about your day! We went to church on Sunday for the first time in a while, and reading this is helping to motivate me to continue! :) That's neat that you got to enjoy time with your son. My four-year-old keeps wanting to take me out to Starbucks. He loves coffee!

  4. That sounds like just the BEST day!


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