Monday, May 28, 2007

Ruthi Has a Crush!

On a MUCH older man....My neighbor!!

Oh yeah, I'm in BIG trouble with this little natural-born flirt on my hands! WHY oh WHY did she have to get THAT from me? Not her hair or eye color or anything like that - that would just be too easy!

Ruthi adores Jake - always has, and seems to think of him as a big brother. She squeals when he comes to play with CJ and chases him around. And he adores her too.

But recently she has "fallen in love" with Jake's DAD! She is just ga-ga over him. When we go over there, she climbs right up in his lap and seems to forget Daddy is anywhere around!

Today I took the kids out for pizza - Chip had to work today, so he left me some money to take the kids out for a treat. Then I had to stop and get some groceries. When we came home, Robby was out working in his yard. CJ was watching Ruthi while I got the groceries in when I heard, "RUTHI, GET BACK HERE!" I ran out, and she had gone to see Robby. She was being SO flirty! He told her he liked her hair, that it was pretty, and she said, "I yike my dress, it so Mommy put it on me" and she was rubbing the dress as she talked. She just talked and talked to him. Then she said, "my sun my eyes" (the sun is in my eyes), "get my sun gasses, I be yight back". She ran to get them, and went straight back to him. I tried to tell her that Robby was trying to work, but she wanted to be right there with him. I finally convinced her she needed to go in and put George (her stuffed Curious George) to bed. So she agreed, but fully intended to go right back to see Robby. When she realized I was not taking her back out, the wailing began!

So I did what any good mother would do...I bribed her diverted her attention by offering her some yogurt. It worked...until the yogurt was gone. She has been having little fits ever since - she wants to "GO SEE YOBBY!"

I am so in for it with this one!

But just look at how cute she is!!


  1. Awww! It's okay, older men are less immature ;)

  2. What a cutie! And my youngest had those same shoes last summer!

  3. She couldn't be any cuter!

  4. Oh that reminds me so much of Annie at that age! She had a tremendous "crush" on a friend of ours. In fact, it was on kreed's (above comment) husband! It totally cracked us up, she was soooo smitten!

    Ruthi's gonna be quite a little heart-breaker!

  5. Ok, that's the cutest story!! Years from now, you're going to be so glad you blogged it!!!


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