Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bye, Bye Baby Girl

I met up with my Mom yesterday morning to hand over my precious baby girl to spend a couple of fun filled days with her Nana and Poppy. She was SO excited! This is the first time she's gone to stay without her big brother with her. She was VERY excited!

I explained to her that we would go see Nana, and then Nana would take her on to the house and then she would see Poppy. But when I pulled up and only Nana was there, she said, "See Poppy!" And I had to remind her that Nana was taking her to see Poppy.

She was very happy to get into her Nana's arms.

And here she is all ready to go. However, she's not even buckled up here (she hopped into her seat by herself and tried to buckle herself in) because we were going to go into the store first.

As ready as she was to go, she agreed to go into the store with us. Several times while we were looking around though, she'd say again, "Go see Poppy!" And I'd remind her she was going soon.

Nana got her some bubbles and she held on to them for dear life. She LOVES bubbles! She kept saying, "Blow bubbles", and I'd tell her she could when she got to Nana's house. Then later she'd say, "Go Nana and Poppy's, blow bubbles!" Did mention that she loves bubbles?

When I did actually buckle her in and say goodbye, she said bye with no hesitation. I got in my car and looked back over to see them both waving bye to me, and Ruthi was wearing a big smile.

My Dad called last night to see if we could translate what Ruthi kept repeating over and over. I wasn't home, I was at my neighbor's house soaking in the hot tub (sure felt great to my achy back!). So Chip translated. He told me when I got home, and he was hoping he had translated correctly. He did - he did good! (Sometimes he looks to me for translations, but he's gotten most of them figured out now.) Ruthi is having a wonderful time.

I talked to my Mom this morning, and she says that once they got to the house, Ruthi quickly became Poppy's Girl. (Hmmmmm.....wonder where she gets that from? :) - Oh yeah, I'm not afraid to say I'm still a Daddy's girl!) At home she's a Daddy's girl, so it doesn't surprise me that she's a Poppy's girl. But I think my Mom may be feeling a teensy bit left out. Sorry Mom!

My Dad sent me these pictures today. In the first one, she is holding a doll my Dad bought her when he was in Mexico.

And here she is again with her Nana.

Yes, I am definitely missing my baby girl, but I know she is having a wonderful time and getting ALL the attention she could possibly want! There's a chance she may be just a little more rotten when she gets home. But that's the way it's supposed to be, right?

She will be back home tomorrow. I hope she's ready to leave and come back to where she actually has to share the attention! I can't wait to get my arms back around her!


  1. She looks like she's having a wonderful time with Nana and Poppy! I know you must miss her bunches but enjoy your free time! :)

  2. Oh, how very sweet! She looks like she's having a ball. Such a special time for her. Max spent a few days (just him) with his Grammy and Papa earlier this year...and I know it was wonderful for him. ALL of the attention on him, and him alone. I think maybe a kid needs that now and then.
    And as for nice as it is to get a break, you just can't help but missing them terribly, can you?

  3. That's so great!!! Those times with the grandparents are treasures!!! My kids love when they get to go have alone time with the grandparents too. Makes them feel special!

  4. You've been tagged!

  5. So nice to see your daughter smiling so happily with her Nana. It's great that she was able to spend quality time with her Nana and Poppy.

    BTW, Sorry I couldn't seem to find the comment link on your photo hunt (above) so I hope you don't mind if I leave it here. I love the scrapbook page you made. It's so cute and really creative. Thanks for sharing.


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