Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mail Call!

Ruthi LOVES to open mail! I let her have at it with the junk mail, and it makes her very happy. But Tuesday morning Ruthi got her first package in the mail! It was from Nana - and she was SO excited! And of course, I HAD to take pictures - I mean this was a BIG DEAL!

Nana sent her two books, which she had to check out "all by herself" before I could look at them. Once she was satisified, I was um, permitted to read them to her. Then of course, she wanted Daddy to read them to her too, so she crawled up on him so he could do just that. Aren't they cute?

And for the record, Nana also sent CJ some mail too! He got a little puzzle with a message on the back, and $5. But him being, you know, almost 13 and all, wasn't too interested in having his picture taken with his mail!


  1. Oh, she is such a doll! Such a cute little dress she's wearing...I so miss adorable little girl clothes.

    And by the way, I tagged ya!

  2. She's adorable! Love the picture with Daddy.

    I saw on Amy's Scavenger Hunt that you live near Kennesaw. I live in Cumming, so we're all kinda-neighbors.


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