Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Finding the Skinny Girl!

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I just found this awesome challenge, and it's exactly what I need! I KNOW I need to lose weight, and I WANT to lose weight, but I have a hard time motivating and disciplining myself. I think this is just the ticket. For every 5 pounds lost, we get a GOLD STAR by our name! Now who doesn't love a gold star? The challenge begins May 8, so I'll be back to post my goals and such. For me though, this isn't all about weight loss, but about being more healthy as well. Though, I would like to find that skinny girl inside me in the process!
So, if you need a little extra motivation to get you going, click on the button above for more information and to sign up! (in the comments - the actual Mr. Linky will be up to sign up on May 8.) So who else is going to accept this challenge?

1 comment:

  1. I think I'm going to join you on this one Jennifer. Though I'm not sure I want this out there for all to read, maybe this kind of accountability is just what I need. Guess I'm in, too. *she says cringing at the thought*


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