Friday, May 11, 2007

Adjusting Ruthi

We went to the chiropractor this week, and Ruthi decided to get an adjustment. This is actually her 3rd one, but the first time I didn't have my camera - her adjustment wasn't planned. I asked her if she wanted a turn and she hopped up there like a pro - totally unexpected. But she has been watching us get adjustments since she was a baby, so she knew exactly what to do. The second time, or Dr. had moved to a new office, so it was unfamiliar, and she only stayed on the table for a couple minutes and that was enough for her.
This time I asked her several times if she was going to have her turn while CJ was getting his adjustment, and she told me know. She was too busy "playing puzzle". She loves this new office, because they have toys!

So when it was her Daddy's turn, she decided she wanted to check it out, and went to watch him for a few minutes. Then it was right back to the toys.
When it was my turn, Chip went out to the waiting room with her so she could keep playing. Soon, she came to see Mommy getting adjusted. When she came in, I asked her if she was going to have a turn, and to my surprise, she said yes.
So, when I was finished, she got on the table for her turn. She attempted to "end her turn" a couple times, but I kept telling her I needed more pictures, and that did the trick! She'd lay right back down so I could keep snapping. She did need the adjustment - I suspected she would from some of the things she'd been doing lately - and she did great. She was too cute trying her best to cooperate by doing the moves like putting her hand across her back, putting her hands above her head, and turning her head in the right direction. A little pro for sure. Here are a few pictures.

This last one is her getting off the table after 'riding' it to the upward position. She thought that was fun.


  1. What cute pictures and such a big girl!!

  2. Ruthi is just so dang cute!!!
    I have to admit I don't know anything about this...what exactly is an adjustment?


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