Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol - Top 6

CJ drew this several weeks ago, and I keep forgetting about it. I thought it was cute, and perfect for an AI post!

I never got around to posting last week's recap, and that apparently disrupted my husband's week. Between not posting the menu on Monday and the AI recap on Tuesday, he was out of sorts. So, to make sure he is happy, I'm going to do my best to make sure I get these things posted when they 'should' be! LOL!

On to the show....

Tonight we have the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber – I am so not going to know any of these songs!

Syesha Mercado One Rock ‘N Roll Too Many
I have never heard this song, so I have NO CLUE how it should sound. After listening to her in the clip, the beginning seemed kind of week – but I’m not sure. But I think the rest is sounding pretty incredible! Go Syesha! And the judges loved it!

Jason Castro Memories – (Ok, I do know this one!)
I’m not liking this very much. It’s too low for him, I think. Not good. Make it end.
Randy says it’s a train wreck, and I’m really not disagreeing.

Brooke White You Must Love Me
OK, it’s not good when the mentor says the singer doesn’t have a clue what they are singing about – not a good sign! OK, so looks like maybe he got through to her – guess we’ll see!
Ouch – another start over from Brooke – the first time she did it was one thing. I don’t think it will go over so well this time. I don’t know this song, but she seems to be struggling with it a little – it doesn’t feel like she’s staying with the music or something. I can’t tell. But it’s definitely not her best performance.
Now that I’ve heard the entire song, I think I am familiar with it – but only the “You Must Love Me” part.
I’m actually surprised the judges weren’t a little harder on her – especially Simon.
WOW – Simon just said he would have done the exact thing Brooke did when she forgot the lyrics and that it was a brave thing to do! Even though Paula said you should never stop and start. Interesting! OK, Enough about Brooke.

David Archuleta Think of Me
Mr. Webber advises him to keep his eyes open. Can he do it?
He’s trying – but they keep closing. The thing is even when they are open, they are kind of beady, so they still almost look closed! The performance – ehhh. Ho-Hum. It’s a typical David performance. Just does absolutely nothing for me. No surprise, 2 of the judges love it. Thankfully Simon thinks about the same thing I do!

Carly SmithsonJesus Christ Superstar
Too funny that she started to sing All of You, and Mr. Webber told her it was not a good choice for her! I definitely think the right choice was made.
She is really singing this! And she’s doing it quite well. And she’s having fun. And I think her dress is really cool.
Oh.My.Goodness! The t-shirt – TOO funny! If you didn’t see, it says Simon Loves Me (This Week). Funny.

David Cook Music of the Night
Don’t know this one either. (Can you tell I’m so not into opera)? This song seems a little odd to me, but I actually really like it. Maybe it’s just because David is singing, it but I really like it! I have no idea what the original sounds like, but it seems to have David’s spin on it, and I love it. THIS is the David who should win this thing!
Dang it, my DVR cut off, and I didn’t get to hear what Simon had to say, but from his first few words, I’m thinking he wasn’t blown away.

I think Jason and Brooke are going to be in the bottom three. As for the third, I’m not sure. Even though I think they both did a great job, it will probably be Syesha or Carly.

For more Idol chat, be sure to visit BooMama.


  1. Whoa...that CJ is a fellow of many talents! That is seriously impressive!

  2. I thought the same exact thing about Brooke and how easy the judges were on her. Well, at least Paula tried to reprimand her. (Go figure!)

  3. I love Andrew Lloyd Webber. What an icon in the industry. However, some of the things he said to the idols were quite . . well, quirky.

    Brooke has got to go. She was absolutely pitiful. Poor girl...I thought for sure she was going to cry. Jason, ITA with you, he should be in the bottom three and I am really torn on the third one. I guess I will place Syesha because she is not a "crowd favorite" like some of the others.

    LOVE the pic of the judges. TOO cute. Amazing what those little eyes see.

  4. Yeah, I didn't post a review last week either; I didn't even get to watch until right before the results show.

    I agree that Jason and Brooke will be at the bottom, although they're my favorites. I almost hope it's Brooke who goes because she just seems to be getting worse every week; I think her spirit can't handle the criticism.

    We'll see tonight...

  5. Yeah, what's up with Brooke getting a free pass on that performance? Maybe Simon thinks she's going home and doesn't feel like beating her up about it??

    And I didn't know any of these songs either - except for Memories, of course, and I even knew that it was sung by a cat!! : )


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