Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's ABOUT Time!!

American Idol fans can finally say good bye to Ramiele! I'm SO glad America got it right for once! It is a singing competition, and she just didn't have the pipes to make it on Idol. So now we can say so long Ramiele!!


  1. You are so right, American finally got it right. To be completely honest, the bottom three I believe was what I predicted.

    Have a fantastic day!!!

  2. But how do you really feel about it, Jennifer? You were kind of vague there. :>)

    Seriously, though, I thought that Ramiele showed lots of promise throughout the audition process and getting to the Top 12. She just never seemed to bring what everyone thought she had.

    I agree that it was time for her to go, definitely. I guess it's Kristy Lee next, and then maybe Syesha? I'm gonna have a hard time lettin' go of my Brooke, Carly and Jason, and the others seem to be America's faves.

  3. I'm with you - liked her, but didn't love her like I love some of the others.


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