Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bad Mom

And I don't mean bad as in cool or good mom. I mean bad as in...shame on me!

But first, I'm a bad blogger - because I seem to be terrible at getting pictures up anymore right after I've taken them. Or even within a couple of days. Nothing like posting pictures two weeks after I've taken them!

Yes, are some Easter pictures!

But why am I a bad mom? Well, I didn't make Easter very Easter-y for my kids at all this year! Maybe because it came so early, it just kind of sneaked up on me...I don't know.

What I do know, is we didn't color I planned. We didn't decorate I planned. And worst of all? We didn't even go to church on Easter we should have!

And as for church, I don't even have a wonderful reason. I was very tired, and I didn't feel that great. On the Friday before, we all went bike riding. Chip and CJ go a couple times a week. As for me, well, this was the first time I had been on a bike in a few years. Plus, I haven't done any form of exercise in several months. And we rode 10 miles. That is not a typo - 10 miles. And let me tell you, there were a few times I simply did not think I would make it.

Chip (pulling Ruthi) and CJ had long taken off and left me. I finally caught up (Chip had turned around to come find me) and made it to the halfway point. We rested and Ruthi played. Then we switched her over to my bike so that Chip and CJ could take the off-road trails on the way back. I didn't think pulling her would make that much difference. That thinking? Would be very wrong.

I actually got off the bike a couple of times and just walked next to it. Ruthi was cheering me on though, telling me I could do it! When it seemed I'd never make it back, Chip and I switched bikes and he pulled her back the rest of the way. Once I got on his bike, that last mile or so was pretty much a breeze.

But the damage had been done. My legs? Yeah, they were tired. But that wasn't the bad part. My bottom? Well, I'm quite sure it was VERY bruised from that seat! (And that's with a squishy gel seat!)

Friday night I still managed to get preparations for Easter (Saturday) dinner done and finish cleaning the house. Saturday I cooked and we enjoyed a wonderful Easter celebration with my parents. We celebrated on Saturday since Chip would be working on Sunday.

By Sunday morning though? I could barely move! The soreness had REALLY kicked in! So we did not make it to church. And the kids and I slept in until after 11:00!

So yes, I'm a bad mom. No dyed eggs or pretty cookies, and no church on Easter! (Which means no photos of kids in their nice Easter clothes either!) I hope I haven't scarred them for life! LOL!

So anyway, here are some pictures from Saturday. I also didn't manage to take very many pictures for some reason. And the attempts I made of getting more than 2 people in one shot? Not very successful!

Doesn't CJ look thrilled?

Hunting (plastic) Easter eggs.

There's One!!!

Having fun with Poppy - Ruthi LOVES to be tickled and was getting a good tickling. She wasn't interested in stopping to smile for the camera!

Ruthi loves her Nana!

I have a cousin who lives in Ohio who happened to be in town Easter weekend. He called Sunday afternoon to see if he and his family could stop by. By the afternoon, I was moving around a little better, so of course I said come over. The kids had a blast playing together. I took pictures, but since this post is already so long, I will put those in another post. I will do my best to get them up within a day or two. Really, I will!


  1. well, ruthie looks quite happy and what do you expect from those teen boys!

    i will soon be creating a space just for me where i can do scrapbooking, sewing, etc. from the looks of that space behind nana and ruthie, i might need to do some organizational/set up consulting with you!! details please!!!

  2. You are NOT a bad momma! We didn't color eggs either. (Mostly because we were going to be in Fl.)

    Easter did seem to come too quickly. I am still recovering from Xmas!

    As for bike riding, you are a stud-ette! I couldn't have pulled ANYONE.

    As for the photos...awesome. I wanna know what is to the right of that ribbon??????

  3. You are not a bad mom!

    It came too early for me too. There's always next year! : )

    Enjoy your week!! Don't kick yourself.

  4. Bad mom...piffle! That's about the silliest thing I've ever heard, Jennifer! But hey, I bet I can make you feel better...guess when we finally got around to our official egg hunt? Saturday. Yes, as in two days ago. We were gone over Easter weekend, and just never got to it after we got home. My parents were up this weekend, so we decided to finally do it. So if you're going to wear the "bad mom" nametag, make me one, too!


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