Tuesday, April 08, 2008

American Idol Top 8

Tonight we have inspirational songs.
The whole family is watching together tonight, so let’s get inspired...

Michael Johns Dream On
Hmmmm....not bad. Not sure I love it. Um, I don't care for the end...the high part...don’t care for it at all. Chip says the song is far more powerful than he sang it.
The judges are kind of all over the place – dislike, like, kinda like. Who knows?
CJ didn’t like him.

Syesha Mercado I Believe
Here she goes tackling another big song and being brave singing the song of a former Idol. Can she do it? Seems she can. And honestly, I’m not a huge fan of Fantasia’s voice, so I like hearing Syesha sing it. A little pitchy in spots, but wow – she nailed that high note. Good job.
Randy doesn’t feel the connection and Syesha is challenging him! Brave girl for sure!
OK, I think she did a great job, but I totally agree with what the judges said. She really does need to ‘find herself’ in song.
Chip didn’t like it. CJ liked her, but not as much as he usually does.

Jason Castro Over the Rainbow
First of all, I LOVE this version of it – next to Martina McBride’s version, this is my favorite. And I think it is perfect for him. Did he wow me? No. But I thought he did a fabulous job.
Apparently something is big time wrong with me though – because it totally wowed Chip and the judges it seems. I’m not sure why I wasn’t wowed. I really, really did like it though! And I definitely think it bought him another week. CJ was wowed too.

Kristi Lee Cook Anyway
(Speaking of Martina!) I love this song, and I think it’s one that’s suitable for Kristi’s voice. NOW I’m saying WOW. Because WOW – that was awesome! I’m so glad she didn’t go home last week!
Chip just said he thinks we need to throw some votes her way tonight.
CJ liked her... a lot.

David Cook Innocent
This isn’t my favorite from David. I didn’t like the beginning – it just didn’t sound like him. Then it got better in spots, but I’m just not crazy about it.
Chip says David lost him tonight. CJ didn’t like it.
I wouldn’t say it was bad – but it was just a bit odd for me. I agree with Randy and Simon – just wasn’t as good as the past couple of weeks.

**Chip just reminded me that this time last year, no one went home because of the Idol Gives Back show. So maybe no one will go home tomorrow night!**

Carly Smithson The Show Must Go On
Looks like she may have taken Simon’s “fashion” advice – she looks great. And she sounds great too! I think she did better than the judges think she did.
Chip didn’t think it was great but he’s a huge Carly fan, so he won’t say anything bad about her. CJ ‘hated’ it. (He’s NOT a Carly fan.)

David Archuleta Angels
Ok, yes...he sounded great. He just doesn’t do anything for me. At all.
Chip says he did better tonight than several others. I agree. But I think we are both having a difficult time admitting that because he’s not our favorite.
CJ doesn’t like Enchilada* at all.

Brooke White You’ve Got a Friend
She is so good at picking songs that are suited to her voice. And I totally think she did it again tonight. Fantastic. I loved it. The judges only think it was pleasant. So what. I loved it. Chip liked her a lot. CJ did not.
Look at that – I’m a poet!

Bottom three tonight? Michael, Syesha, and Carly
Chip’s bottom three – Michael, Syesha and David A.
CJ’s bottom – Carly, Michael, and Enchilada*

My favorites tonight – Kristy and Brooke
Chip’s favorites – He refuses to commit to less than 4. So his top 4 are Kristy, Brooke, Carly and Jason
CJ’s favorites – Kristy and Syesha

IF someone goes home tomorrow, I predict it will be Syesha or Michael.

*CJ now refers to David A. as Enchilada! He’s not a fan, so he’s having a little fun with it. He also won’t call Jason by name. He refers to him as dreadlocks. (But he likes him.)

On a funny note – I told Chip last week that if Michael makes it to the top three, I’m going to go be in the crowd that is welcoming him back to his hometown and asked if he was going to come with me. Yeah...he totally laughed at me. He basically said no way, no how. He then said that the ONLY contestant so far that could have possibly ever made him get in that crowd was Katherine McPhee. Too bad she wasn’t from our neck of the woods huh?
Oh, and for the record – I really would not go fight that crowd to see Michael. Even though it is so close by!

Oh, and one more for the record – I HATE Paula’s dress tonight. Couldn’t she find something that fit a little better? And that’s all I’ll say about that.

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Good Night.


  1. Hi, I linked to your blog from BooMama's. A lot of people have been questioning if anyone will go home tomorrow during Idol gives back. The answer is No. No one will go home TOMORROW, but there will be an hour long show on Thursday night when someone will get the boot.

    I also totally agree about Paula's dress. I was afraid that if she leaned too far forward she would have a major wardrobe malfunction!

  2. Tonight's show was just a'ight for me. No one shone, no one sucked.

    And I totally agree with you about Paula's dress. It looked absolutely painful!

  3. Can you believe I still have yet to watch Idol? Maybe next week...

  4. I love reading your Idol Recaps. ITA with you on Jason however, I like his version and Katherine McPhee's versions better. As for my bottom three:

    Carly, Michael Johns, Brooke
    (sorry, she was just so boring)

    In regards to Paula's dress, OMG it was horrible. She has absolutely no boobs to "push up", just skin. Totally unflattering on her. Whoever dressed her last night, fire em!

    Have a great day!!!


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