Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Bananas

"Just look at those beautiful bananas?

I can't believe they are growing up so fast. Before you know it, they'll be married and having little bananas of their own."

This is a comment I just received a little while ago on my last post. (There were bananas in one of the pictures.)

This made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! It was from "Anonymous", but I know it was my Dad. And I know a hint when I read one. He wants to see pictures of his GRANDCHILDREN - not my shopping trips! LOL!

And I know there are other family members reading who would really like to see some pics of the kids, so guess what? I'm going to post some!

CJ hasn't been one to smile for the camera lately, so these are mostly Ruthi. I'll try to get more of him soon.

I took these of Ruthi last week. She isn't always as cooperative as I'd like her to be when I want to take pictures, but thankfully, on this day, she was all for it, and I got some really cute shots.

I couldn't pick my favorite, so there are several!

Isn't she just precious and adorable? Of course, I know I'm quite a bit biased!

I'm not at all joking when I say it's difficult to get pictures of CJ. He either hides or makes weird faces. He has to be in the mood. The most recent ones I took of him, I was sneaking to do it. I caught him and his buddy Jake on the lawnmowers.

In this first one, Jake had just turned and spotted me. He turned back quickly to warn CJ I had the camera in my hand. I shot this one just before CJ looked up and hid his face with his hat.

I zoomed in to get this one. Instead of hiding, he glared at me to let me know he didn't want his picture taken. Of course, I did it anyway!

Maybe once he realizes that I'm going to share his photos whether he cooperates or not, he will eventually just smile and be happy. Well, at least I can hope!

So, I hope this will tide you over for just a little bit, Daddy. I will try harder to get more on here more often! Love you!


  1. The tihird picture of Ruthie where she is peeking out from behind the tree is adorable!

    My darling daughter is at the stage where she loves to have her picture taken too, so we are able to get some good ones right now.

    With the bigger boys, not so much - maybe it's just a guy thing.

  2. Those pics are adorable...she sure cooperated that day! The ones of CJ are cute too. I have one girl who loves being photographed and the other does, but it's more of a fight to get a natural smile or whatever.

    Oh, well.

    I'm hoping to post some pics I took of our girls at our local tulip festival later this morning or today. You'll have to stop by and check, though I can't guarantee when it will happen..more likely later this afternoon.

  3. OHHH I JUST LOVE the last photo of Ruthi. Ohmygosh she is adorable. And as for CJ...I like his action photos too!

    It was wonderful chit chatting with you the other day. HUGS

  4. Ruthi is adorable and precious - and I am not even related to you, so I can't be biased!

    The banana comment cracked me up! and it looks like he got his wish as you did get pics of the grandkids posted!

  5. How does Ruthi do it? I swear that little girlie of yours gets cuter by the day! Absolutely precious, I tell you!

  6. wow, ruthie is too cute! love the pics!

    might try getting cj when he is asleep-that's when teenagers (or 3 year old boys!!!) are at their best, isn't it! :)


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