Wednesday, July 18, 2007

4th of July Catch Up

OK, I know I said I'd have pictures up by the weekend - but that just didn't happen. I've just been busy with other stuff. And I took so many pics that I had to choose, edit and upload! I'm so loving these slide shows from, because it really does save me time. When I have a lot of pictures, this is much faster than uploading, cutting and pasting code, one by one!!

Several of my pictures came out dark and I had to crop and edit a couple photos, seeing Ruthi hasn't quite learned the art of having her photo made like a lady! There's one where her dress probably looks a little funny, because I had to clone it to cover her up a little bit!

Anyway - we had a blast. We spent the 4th with my parents along with several other family members. We had tons of food and lots of conversation!

After everyone else left, we pulled out the fireworks. It wasn't dark yet when we started, but it did get dark before we finished. I think Ruthi really enjoyed watching, and I know CJ enjoyed lighting most of them!

Ruthi had a cute 4th of July outfit, but unfortunately she had her first accident since we started potty training. We were in a different location, lots going on, and Mommy was in the house (she was outside with Daddy) and I think either it just happened so fast, or she just wasn't sure what to do. So we had to change her out of her cute outfit - but she did great the rest of the week - no more accidents!

My Brother got Ruthi a swimming pool. He said he figured she might already have one, so he thought Nana and Poppy could keep it at their house for her to play in. That was a great idea, and exactly what we did. She enjoyed it while we were there, and will have it when she goes back! (He brought gifts for all of us - Thank you Chris!!!)

OK, so that covers this group of pics (There are 20 of them!!!) I'll work on some more later.


  1. Very cute pictures - looks like you all had lots of fun! I love the dress up and sleeping pics!

  2. Wonderful photos, Jennifer! Glad you all had such a good time!


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