Saturday, January 02, 2010

Once Upon a Time, I Was a Blogger...

First of all, yes...I'm still alive.

And it's on earth did THAT happen?

I'm sure there's no one still checking in here since I seem to have disappeared, but I'm posting anyway. I really miss all my blog friends!

I quit calling myself a blogger quite some time ago, since you have to actually, you know, um...BLOG to be considered a blogger! I really don't know exactly what happened. Life, I suppose.

I kind of lost interest for a while. I've mentioned before that Facebook kind of took over my life...that's a big part. But I really just didn't feel like I had much to say, which probably sounds insane for most people who know me! And even when I did have something to say, I just didn't feel like messing with it.

So, it's a new year, and here I am with a post after seven months. Does this mean I'll be come a "real" blogger again? I'm not really sure. I'd love to say yes, but we'll just see where this goes. We'll see if I get my desire back.

A lot has happened in seven months. CJ turned 15 and Ruthi turned 5. That just blows my mind on so many levels. And there have been lots of small things, but I'm not even going to begin to go into them. I'm not going to try to play too much catch up. I'm just going to pick up where I am! If I try too hard to catch up, it will feel like a chore, and I KNOW I won't keep this up. So I'm going to make it as easy on myself as possible.

One thing I really miss about blogging is the accountability I had going on being involved in the carnivals and such. I can't remember the last time I actually planned a menu or "tackled" something with great gusto just so I could say I did it! So I'm hoping that stepping back in to the blogosphere will help me with that.

I am going to start by listing a few goals I have. These are not in any way New Year's Resolutions...they aren't even long term goals. I have a few things specifically that I want to accomplish in January. So I will list them here, and if I get back on track with this blog thing, I will post my progress. I may even play around and add them to my sidebar and cross them off as I go.

These goals are not big things, just a few things I need/want to get done around here.

January Goals
  • Paint and hang Ruthi's shelves (this one has been on my list for an embarrassingly long time!)
  • Paint Ruthi's window (this one too!)
  • Organize two drawers in scrapbook area (these are two specific drawers that have gotten out of hand)
  • Stock freezer with quick meals and baked goods
  • Work on wall "gallery" project for living room
  • Create items and get my Etsy shop going again
  • Start blogging again!
And that's all for now. I really hope that putting it here will help motivate me more. And I hope to "see" some of my long-lost blog friends again soon! Guess I also need to go get caught up on some blog reading!!!
Oh - and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


  1. I hear ya! I used to be a blogger too :) Good luck with your list for January!!!

  2. i am here for you everytime a post pops up!! happy sweet 5th birthday to ruthi! my princess turns 8 on friday-sigh.

  3. You're back! I have not read blogs in a long time, but I was happy to see your posts when I checked in today!


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