Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm telling you...if there is anyone at all who still checks in here...maybe I'm not cut out to be a blogger after all! This is ridiculous that I'm going so long between posts! Seems a lot of bloggers are experiencing this for one reason or another lately. I don't know why, but I simply haven't felt like doing it!

And I don't know why...because I really do enjoy it! I'm not throwing in the towel just yet, but as I've said before, I'm not making any promises as to how often I'm going to be doing it!

Since I started this blog as a way to keep family updated and to document things my kids say & do, I want to keep at it. When my parents lived two hours away, this was a great way for them to check in. But now that they live close again, my Dad isn't constantly telling me I haven't added any pictures lately!

And, all the aunts who read, I haven't seen they aren't "nagging" me anymore either. And I DON'T mean nagging me in a bad way! More like encouraging! Guess I needed all those reminders to get me to do something on here!

So...I'm here today, but I'm going to TRY not to let this turn into a marathon post!

I wanted to get something on here that Ruthi said the other night before I forget. If I write it down, it will just get lost. And though I posted it on facebook, that will soon be buried forever and I'll never find it again.

The other night (May 23) I was putting Ruthi to bed. When I got to her room, I realized how loud the TV in the living room was. I told her I needed to turn it off, that it was too loud. She said, "But I need some peace and loud!"

A few minutes later, we were starting nighttime prayers. She usually starts out with "Dear Jesus" or "Dear Lord" or something like that. On this night, she said - very enthusiastically, "Hi Jesus!" As if she could see Him sitting there and started talking to Him. It was so precious!

Let's see if I can sum up the past few weeks: (not necessarily in order!)

* My computer has decided it doesn't want to work least most of the time. Some days it will come on, and the others it won't. And when it does come on, I have to tilt it to get it to work properly...oh and blow on the back of it to keep it cool. Ugh.

* Because my computer isn't cooperating, I'm sharing CJ's computer. He's not crazy about it. But hopefully it's only temporary!

* May 7 was a terrible day. We had to put down our 15 year old dog, who had been ours for over 12 years. It's still painful for me to talk about, so that's all I'm going to say about that.

* Didn't get to run my 2nd 5K due to the weather. Haven't got back on track with running...first I was just down, then I started having a problem with my foot. I would have run today, but it was raining, and I really didn't want to run in the mud! Hoping to get back out there on Thursday!

* Had a great time at a family fun day for the Firefighters & families! Wasn't going to go because Chip had to work - but then he called to let me know he was going to be there while he was on duty, so the kids and I went and had a blast!

* Visited Chip's station for the first time since he's been at the one he's currently at. He's only been there for over a year! is quite a drive, so it's not exactly convenient! Ruthi had an absolute blast! She is always saying, "When I grow up, I want to be a mommy and a fi-der fighter!" So when she sat behind the wheel of a firetruck with a little helmet on her head, she said, "I'm a REAL fi-der fighter now!"

* Enjoyed spending part of Mother's Day with my Mom. My Dad grilled yummy steaks for dinner. I love having my parents close by again!

* Had a very nice day visiting Chip's parents. His Mom's birthday always falls right around Mother's Day, so we went to celebrate both. The kids had a blast riding the riding lawnmower! (Pictures to follow)

* Worked on something creative! I thought my creative juices were gone. But I was asked to make a little something for a friend's daughter who was graduating, and I ran with it. What started out as some thank you cards & pen, turned into something much bigger. I had a felt so good to get my hands "dirty" and make something again. Hopefully I'll get pictures up on my craft blog soon.

OK, so much for this not being a marathon post! So, I'll stop now and leave you with a few pictures!

From the family fun day:

Mother's Day. I love being Mom to these kids! Didn't get any of me with my Mom though - just forgot! :(

At the Fire Station:

Fun at Memaw & Papaw's!

Memorial Day:

And that took a's after 1 am. This night owl is going to bed!


  1. Yay, a Jennifer post! You've been missed! Sounds like you're as busy as usual, and having lots of fun. Good stuff!

  2. I'm glad to see you posting! I was thinking of you the other day wondering how things were going with you and your family. I'm another one guilty of not posting enough lately!!

    The pictures are great and it's good to catch up!

  3. Terrific pictures!!

    I can relate about the blog. I don't know why I'm not posting more often either. Facebook must be the culprit! LOL!

  4. so sorry about your dog.

    ruthie is getting so big!

  5. I haven't managaed to blog much lately either...somehow life gets in the way!

    So sorry about your dog. It is so hard to lose a pet...

    Love the last pic of Ruthi and CJ. I don't think you could have gotten a better one!


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