Friday, January 15, 2010

Kitchen Accomplished!

Whew! What a busy week in my kitchen!

Getting back to "the FlyLady way" is feeling VERY good, but I have a ways to go! I was doing quite well chugging along marking off the tasks I needed to accomplish to get my kitchen sparkly clean.

Then I got a wild hair and decided to do some serious reorganization. My laundry area is attached to my kitchen, and that's where my "pantry" is. I did a major restocking grocery trip this week, and I wanted to make the best use of my space.

So, I moved just about everything to make some progress. You literally couldn't walk through my kitchen there was so much stuff in the floor. But I knew it would be worth it, and it was! Everything is so cleaned and organized that I'm thinking about sleeping in my kitchen tonight.

Ok, not really...but I love walking in there and looking around at how clean it is again. It feels great. I also managed get rid of a decent amount of stuff that was just taking up space.

It felt quite good to mark off all the tasks over there in my sidebar and also know that I did much more than that!

Monday starts a new zone - the bathroom. I'll be working on both of them. CJ's will be easy, but mine needs some serious cleaning out/reorganizing!

For now, I'm leaving my beautifully crossed off list in my sidebar and waiting until Monday to update it with the new tasks! Silly? Maybe. But it makes me feel good!

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  1. Job well done, Jennifer! Fortunately, I did my kitchen before Thanksgiving, but I did not get to the top of the cabinets, which is now quite dusty. I think I will try to tackle that this weekend.


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