Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arrrrgggghhhh.'s not speak like a pirate day.

That would be the sound of my frustration!

I HATE being sick. And that's an understatement. I hate when I can't get up and do the things I want to do!

Funny, when things don't get done because I'm choosing to to get them done (aka - being lazy), it doesn't bother me so much. But when I actually want to be doing stuff and can't because my body won't let me? HATE it!

So, my routines are off again. Actually, I had not even gotten them back going good...and now, well...I'm frustrated!

I thought I'd be starting out this week ahead of the game. I had gotten a LOT of cleaning done last week because I was having a little birthday party for Ruthi on Saturday. (Pictures coming soon!) The house was in pretty good shape, except for the master bedroom. (So thankful for doors we can close to hide the mess!!!) And after the party, things cleaned up pretty quickly.

But...I had begun not to feel so great on Saturday. I was having some chest congestion and was feeling tired. I figured I had just run myself ragged all week trying to get ready for the party. The party went well, Ruthi loved it, and I could finally relax. So I took some Nyquil Saturday night and went to bed early.

Sunday morning Ruthi and I got up and went to church. (Chip was at work, and CJ wasn't feeling good, so I let him stay in bed.) After church, we went to lunch with my bestie. While we were eating/talking, I started feeling really tired and a nap was sounding great. So I went home and crashed. Hard.

And I've been down pretty much ever since. The congestion got worse, and I felt like I'd been run over by a train. My wonderful hubby cooked dinner Monday night. It was delicious, and I was very grateful. Yesterday, the congestion was considerably better and I thought I could finally do some stuff. But everytime I got up, I'd feel like I was going to pass out and/or vomit. NOT fun!

I was going to cook dinner in spite of how I was feeling, but was missing an ingredient. After a quick call to my neighbor to find out she didn't have any either, I called my wonderful hubby to see if he'd stop at the store on his way home from picking CJ up from class. That's when he said, "Why don't I just pick up some Taco Bell on the way home?" Um, no argument from me!!!

I'm so thankful that he understands when I'm sick and helps take care of things! I really didn't mind cooking - even though I didn't feel like it. But I'm thankful he knew rest for me would be better.

I'm feeling better today. I'm still having some pressure in my ears which causes me to feel sick to my stomach. Not fun, but better than it was.

So...I feel like I need to start over again with my house, because a few days of not staying on top of it...well, I'm sure you can imagine. But I'm not going to stress over it. I'm going to do the basic stuff and just fall into the routines where I am.

The living room is the zone this week (by the way - I somehow got mixed up on the dates of the zones before, so I was already somewhat off track - but oh well.) so I'm going to try to get the list completed. I've updated it in my sidebar and already have one task done! That's because I did it in preparation for the party.
I will not beat myself up if it all doesn't get done. I'm still not feeling 100% and I'm not going to overdo it. So I'll get as much done as I can and be happy with it.

And...January is almost over and I still haven't completed my January goals. I'll see what I can manage on that list this week! Well, what's left of it anyway!


  1. I know how you feel as I had a flare up with my back this week, which has not happened for years now, but used to happen several times a year previously.

    Goals are simply things that we hope to achieve, but sometimes other things come up and we have to shift our priorities...and the one thing we never plan on when we set a goal is being sick, injured, or otherwise ill! Your priorities needed to shift to resting and healing, but only for a time. The other things will still be there when you are feeling up to tackling them.

    This is something I always advise homeschooling parents. Your children are never behind, they are where they are and you go from there. Likewise, we really never start at the beginning and we never get to the end with homemaking and housework, it is always a work in progress somewhere in the middle.

    Be at peace and may the Lord heal you.

  2. hope you are feeling better!


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