Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Two weeks in a row...look at me go! LOL!

OK, so I didn't get everything finished that I wanted to for today's post, but that's ok. I'm still enjoying my nice clean kitchen - it seems much easier to keep clean after doing a deep-down clean!

I'm kind of following along the Spring Cleaning plan at MomAdvice.com. She has put a lot of work in to printables for some detailed spring cleaning and I'm using them as a guide. And so far, they are following right along with FlyLady's zone schedules, so that's a bonus for me. This week is the bathroom, so I'm tackling my master bath first, and then the other one. I got a jump start by cleaning out my medicine cabinet and under my sink. I'm very happy to say it's all nice and organized now!

Here's a before pic of my medicine cabinet:

And After:

I picked up a few baskets from the dollar store to help. I've organized this cabinet so many times and it just becomes a jumbled mess again. This time I grouped like items together. The blue baskets - one for first aid supplies, one for cold/sinus/allergy meds, one for digestive stuff (antacids, fiber pills, etc.) and one for pain meds (Tylenol, etc.)

Then I used the narrow white baskets for smaller groups of items. Much better!

I forgot to take a picture of under my sink before, but trust me, it was a mess! It just had a couple of baskets and everything was just kind of tossed under there. I picked up these drawer organizers and it is much, much better! I can actually find stuff now!

My wonderful hubby brought up the spring/summer clothes and I began going through them and am slowly making the switch. All the definite winter stuff will be packed away, but due to this crazy weather, I still have to keep some long-sleeved stuff handy until it turns warm for good.

I did get Ruthi's room clean too, but I still need to go through her clothes and do the decorating projects that I want to get done.

So here's my tackle list for the week:

  • Finish deep-cleaning my bathroom
  • Deep clean the other bathroom
  • Finish clothing switchover
  • Get the projects in Ruthi's room done, and go through her clothes
  • Get a jump on cleaning the master bedroom
  • Clean out CJ's closet
  • Work on some paper organization!

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  1. It looks great. I love those little containers. Happy TT.

  2. Oh man, Jennifer, you're going to go get me all inspired to spring clean...and I was really hoping to avoid it! lol

    Everything looks great! You certainly have big plans for the week...I think I'd be lucky to accomplish all that in a month!

    Definitely not time for the clothes switchover here...it's still winter coats and snow pants at this point!

  3. Don't you just love the dollar store for those tubs. I did the same thing months ago. Now I am trying to find other areas to organize so I can go buy more!

    Looks FANTASTIC! I might have to add medicine cabinet to next weeks Tackle Tuesday!

    As for Summer clothes, not here, we need about 2-3 more months before bringing out the shorts!

    Have a great day!

  4. Great tackle!

    I've been trying to follow along Amy's cleaning plan too.


  5. For some reason I cannot see the pictures but I will take everyone else's word for it that it all looks great.

    WTG! :)

  6. Good Job, I am inspired..

  7. You go girl! How much coffee do you drink? I need to know so that I can drink enough to get done as much as you do! :D

    Stop by for a visit.
    Confessions of an Aprn Queen:

  8. After our Spring trip I will have to join you in your organization. I have never checked out those websites, but I just may have to now!

  9. This has nothing to do with this post, it's just a high five to a fellow night owl!

    I am here by way of BooMama's Idol post...saw your profile and felt an immediate sense of kinship to you. My hubby is a morning person, too.

    And I have to add that when I was in high school I decided I would be cute and spell my name with just an "i" at the end. (I added the "e" back once I got married.) So I had to smile when I saw that you have a Ruthi.


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