Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol Recap - Top 11

I’m trying something different tonight. I’m tired of writing all my thoughts as the show is on. I have to pause it too often so I can keep up. I don’t have a laptop, but I can see and hear the TV from my desk. It’s not quite as comfy as sitting on the couch watching, but it will work...at least for tonight. And, I’m watching the show live tonight instead of waiting so I can skip the commercials. So I am going to try to just sit here and type my comments as the show airs. I’m sure I’ll like it better...I can type much faster than I can write!

The only thing I’m not happy about is the fact that since this is two hours, I will totally miss Dancing With the Stars. It’s the first night of the girls dancing, and I really wanted to see it. I’m going to miss it. Bummer. Hopefully I can watch it online – I’m not sure if it will be available immediately, but I can hope!

We’ve got more Beatles music tonight...I hope I know more of these songs this week!

First up, Amanda Overmyer...Back in the USSR...and I know this one! But I can’t even begin to imagine how this is going to go...
Sorry, I’m STILL not liking her voice. She looks like she’s having fun, but I just can’t get on board...no matter how hard I try! I do like her hair tonight though!
Randy gives her a “7 out of 10”.
Paula thinks she was a little ahead of the beat, but still thinks she’s unique.
Simon says it was predictable and is a bit bored with Amanda.

{SIDE NOTE – Since I’m actually sitting through the commercials...OMGoodness...preview for Hell’s Kitchen (I LOVE that show!) They are doing a spin on a Britney song .....Oops I Burned it Again. TOO Funny!}

Kristy Lee Cook...You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
Let’s hope she does better than last week! OK, better than last week yes....great? Not really. She seems to be struggling with some of those notes and is quite pitchy. I’m not loving this. I think she really needed to nail it this week to recover from last week, and nail it, she did not.
Randy loves this song and says this was interesting arrangement. He thinks it was boring and safe.
Paula says it’s the best she’s ever looked (which is code for not so great).
Simon says she needs hypnosis and that she’s not a good performer. Musical wallpaper? That’s a new Simonism. I don’t think he likes her too much.
I think Kristy is definitely in danger. She says she can “Blow Simon out of his socks”. If that’s true, why hasn’t she done it already? Ok I think they got a little sidetracked on that phrase.

David Archuleta...The Long and Winding Road
I hope he can remember his lyrics tonight! (Ok, funny...he said the same thing!)
Hmmmm....not sure about this.
OK, there he goes, it’s sounding better now. I think he just started a little rough.
I have to say, I like his singing voice MUCH better than his speaking voice! I don’t know, but I don’t enjoy listening to him talk.
I think he did quite well with this song. Can I say David is back? I think so!
Randy says David has “brought the hotness back to his game.” But that he could have taken some liberties with it.
Paula loves him.
Simon says he was amazing.

Michael Johns...A Day in the Life
I think this is a good song for him. Well, maybe...not so much. I like it, but I don’t. I’m not sure.
Randy says it was the wrong song choice.
Paula...if she’d get to the point...I don’t think she likes it, but I’m not really sure!
Simon thinks it was a mess.
He chose this song because it was the favorite song of his friend who passed away. Sad. Maybe it as too emotional for him?

Brooke White...Here Comes the Sun
Oh my...another perfect song choice for her! She is amazing! And she is having some FUN with this one! OK, I hear a few weak spots, but for the most part, I love it. I think the judges aren’t going to like it as much as last week though.
Randy thinks it was awkward. It did not gel for him and was not hot.
Paula says you can’t help but smile watching her. I agree. Paula says it was too safe.
Simon thought the performance was terrible. He didn’t like it.
Maybe my ears were off, or I just like her so much that I can’t tell it was bad. I still liked it. And she’s agreeing with the judges, “One hundred billion percent!”
And Ryan says, “You have to love her.” So true.

David Cook...Day Tripper
I do believe Beatles music suits Mr. Cook. HE seems quite comfortable and he sounds really great. I think he is in his element.
Randy doesn’t know if it was best but says it was solid.
Paula says he’s ready to go sell records.
Simon doesn’t think it was as good as David thinks it was (because he knows what David thinks?) He doesn’t like it. Oh well...David’s not going anywhere.

Carly Smithson...Blackbird
I like this MUCH better than last week. But I was in the minority last week. Beautiful. he has gorgeous eyes. And for the record, she is hubby’s pick for the girls.
Randy loves it.
Paula thinks she fantastic.
Simon doesn’t like the song...and I assume didn’t care for the performance.
I love how she’s relating the lyrics to life and this competition. And now Simon feels uncomfortable. Funny.

Jason Castro...Michelle
To never have spoken French, I think he’s doing quite well. He’s just such a cutie pie. I think he’s doing a great job. I really like his voice. And I love his smile.
Randy says good choice, but interesting....not sure if he really got it.
Paula felt he was a little disconnected, and was uncomfortable and awkward for her.
Simon says the show is strange tonight, that maybe two weeks of Beatles wasn’t a good idea. Says it’s a good thing this is TV, not radio because Jason’s face sold it. So the song was a little off, but Jason performs well according to Simon.

Syesha Mercado...Yesterday
Her voice is pretty, but I’m not really feeling this. Maybe it’s the arrangement, I don’t know, but I’m not crazy about it. But her voice is beautiful.
Randy really liked it.
Paula thought it was beautiful.
Simon thinks her best so far! Wow, my ears must REALLY be off this week!

Chikezie...I’ve Just Seen a Face
Chikezie is picking all the right songs lately. Oh, and we have a little harmonica! Chikezie is fun...Loved it!
Randy didn’t get the slow part? I loved the slow part! Randy’s not sure.
Paula thinks he’s showing who he is, and that the slow part is pure, on pitch and beautiful. And she loves that he shows two sides in this song.
Simon didn’t like the harmonica. Or the end. Oh well, I guess I LIKE Achy breaky!

Closing the show is Ramiele Malubay...
I Should Have Known Better

My ears are probably off again, but she sounds shaky to me. I’m not crazy about this. She can hit the big notes, but seems to have trouble with the lower ones. It’s just alright to me. She’s having fun but it seems a bit karaoke-ish to me.
Randy likes her confidence but it’s just alright for him.
Paula says it’s better than last week.
Simon likes her personality but said it sounded amateurish. He says the song is mediocre.

Top for me tonight...Carly and well, I’m just not sure. Maybe David and David. But I still love Brooke. And I thought Chikezie and Jason were good too. I’m not very decisive tonight!

Bottom Three? Amanda (no surprise there), Kristy, and Ramiele.
I’m a bit concerned Michael may be in danger though. And I thought maybe Syesha, but like I said, my ears must just be off. Although I like her, I really think Kristy may be the one going home. She's had two rough weeks in a row.


OK, so I couldn’t take it. I HAD to watch Dancing With the Stars. So I ran into CJ’s room and took over his TV for a bit. He wasn’t too thrilled with me, but I’m the mom, right? Actually, (though he’d never admit it) he was kind of getting into it. But mostly he was making fun of them.
So, that put me a little behind with AI, and the hopes of my post going up immediately following the show went out the window, but I don’t really care. And I’m glad I went to watch...it was actually better than I anticipated. I didn’t have much hope for this season once I saw the list of dancers, but I think it will be pretty entertaining after all. But don’t worry, I won’t be posting on it every week. I may mention it, but I won’t be commenting on each dancer! I promise!


  1. Youre not the only one thinking Michael is in danger this week...I think others were far worse tho LOL xoxo melzie

  2. Bless your heart, you've been writing with a pen and paper?! That's commitment :) I agree with pretty much everything you've said!

  3. I am SO impressed with you getting this post up so early and all.

    I was a big bored with tonight's show but Brooke and Carly are my faves and I agree with you about Amanda. Uck.

  4. Anonymous8:15 AM

    ITA with you!

  5. Now I don't have to bother to watch - I didn't know when I was going to get to it today, anyway! Thanks for the recap!

  6. You are killing me. Still have yet to watch it. But, GET THIS. The publisher of the yearbook I am doing...her hubby is one of the editors for the show. His fave is D. Archuleta. :) Thought I would pass that on to ya. hee hee!

  7. It helps to know that we are not alone when the clock is past midnight and we're just hitting our stride! If I could live according to my fantasy schedule, I'd be up until 2:00 and sleep until 10:00 every day.

    I used to think that God had a twisted sense of humor to put such opposites together in this marriage, but we've learned that it actually works out great. One of us can be alert in the morning getting the kids off to school, and one of us (me) can be alert late at night when the teenagers want to talk.

    I'm 10.5 years older than my next sibling. My son-in-law is a firefighter. I have a son who's graduating this year and a senior scrapbook that I have yet to start. AACK!

    Could you believe Carly in the bottom 3? What in the world?

  8. Glad to see "Skunk head" gone! She is gross! I really don't like Brooke either - sorry :o(

    BTW: I watch Top Chef, Survivor and Dancing. Poor Monica Sellas! They should pair her with either Penn or Adam then it wouldn't make the PROS look so bad. HEHEHE

    Have a fantabulous Easter Holiday!!!

    Amy Sweet


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